Why you need to switch to bootstrap 4.0?

When Mark Otto and Jacob Thornton had launched Bootstrap 1.0 four years ago, it wasn’t responsive and hence was less popular among developers. But over the years, the Bootstrap frameworks have set new standards, particularly in the field of mobile application development.

And the latest Bootstrap 4.0 indicates several awesome features that can encourage the developer community to switch to this new framework. There are several key enhancements that one can witness in this latest Bootstrap framework.

Major upgrades in Bootstrap 4.0

1. Rems based Grid System:

Although Bootstrap 4.0 comes with the same HTML syntax, but the grid system architecture has changed significantly. Users can use the advanced 12-column grids or container-fluid or even nested rows. With the rems based grid system, everything becomes dynamic. This is also going to support application development for devices of different sizes.

For example, you still can create your advance 12-columns grids like so:


Or, use container-fluid for full-width rows:


Or, even nested rows:


2. Optional Support for Flexbox:

Bootstrap 4.0 supports Flexbox and which can allow complex gridding. It can quickly allow switching of grid components without the need of adjusting the HTML syntax. There is no need to use the Match Height feature when you opt in for the Flexbox support.

Upgrade Your Website To Bootstrap 4.0

3. Enhanced Media Queries:

Bootstrap 4 hit the nail on the head with media queries.

Here’s how they work for a mobile first approach:



In Bootstrap 4.0, media queries are configurable with Sass and it gives you a better control with the flexibility of choosing your own break-points.



4. Addition of Cards:

If you were using panels and wells in Bootstrap 3.0, it’s time to forget them now. In Bootstrap 4.0, you will find Cards instead that are nothing but content container. Cards includes options of modifying content of header, footer, background color and a host of other types of contents.

5. Inclusion of Reboot.css:

Previously, Bootstrap used Normalize.css as its CSS reset. Normalize is awesome and well-respected. With Bootstrap 4, they actually just take normalize.css, and add some Bootstrap things to it.

Bootstrap 4.0 has this new reboot component, allowing to combine the reset and the base styles into a single file. Now, you can use just Reboot.css and add some Bootstrap components to it.

6. Sass Variables:

Bootstrap 4.0 offers better customization opportunities, and the inclusion of the Sass variables in a single file can make your customization task effortless.

You can custom things like:

  • Colors
  • Options (Flex Box, transitions, rounded, shadows, etc.)
  • Spacing
  • Body (defaults)
  • Link Styles
  • Grid Breakpoints
  • Grid Containers
  • Grid Columns
  • Typography
  • Components
  • Tables
  • And more…

7. JavaScript Enhancement:

JavaScript is all set to be the future of the web development, and in Bootstrap 4.0, one can witness more of the script. For example, all plugins are powered with the JavaScript with the codes written in ES6.

Upgrade Your Website To Bootstrap 4.0

How it will help in improving a website’s overall performance?

1. Fast Compilation:

The developer community is particularly excited about the new Bootstrap version’s Sass orientation, which allows them to a faster compilation. Moreover, the customization opportunity of Sass variables can encourage custom developments.

2. Flexible Layouts:

With an enhanced grid system and the Flexbox support in Bootstrap 4.0, it allows users to create simple layouts in CSS. It also allows content alignment in the columns of equal heights for the optimization of the layout.

3. Easy Content Modification:

With the inclusion of Cards in this latest Bootstrap version, the content modification task has got a lot easier. One can now easily modify the header, footer, images, background color using this new feature.

4. Mobile First Framework:

Bootstrap 4.0 is truly meant for the mobile application development with its improved grid system. By using small size tiers, a developer can target the application development for devices of different screen sizes, particularly mobile devices.

5. User Friendly:

With the improved auto-placement of tools and an improved library, developers find Bootstrap 4.0 as a more user-friendly framework for creating responsive designs.

6. Custom Development:

Bootstrap 4.0 helps customize a number of components, such as colors, spacing, link style, typography, tables etc. Moreover, the Sass variables bring a greater customization opportunity.

Upgrade Your Website To Bootstrap 4.0

7. Better Use of Plugins:

In Bootstrap 4.0, plugins are written in ES6 and are compiled with Babel. This helps users to maintain plugins more easily and one can use a number of plugins for feature enhancement.

How markupbox has an edge in this field?

At MarkupBox, a team of developers has been using Bootstrap frameworks for application developments since the very inception of this framework. With the release of the Alpha version of Bootstrap 4.0, the team is gearing up to leverage on its new features and capabilities. The developers are learning about the new inclusions in this latest Bootstrap version and are ready to use the improvements to create more responsive designs.

Upgrade Your Website To Bootstrap 4.0

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