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The world is swarmed with software professionals of all kinds. And with WordPress being one of the most easy platforms available, finding a niche for yourself is a difficult task. So, how do you create a niche for yourself in this ever changing environment? What are your strengths with respect to WordPress? Take a look at the following to see if you are really one of those few.

Complying with the conventions

No matter what experience you possess or whatever ‘big-shot’ you’re, if you don’t stick to the standards or methodologies or guidelines, you’re not different from the average WordPress developer. What really counts is the desired output, you might argue, but the fact remains that your code should be mature. A properly constructed code draws attention because it’s easily understood and has less chances of errors.


WordPress is for the layman, though not by the layman. WordPress is free to use with a whole lot of support layers. If you’re WordPress a aficionado, you might want to contribute your might to the betterment of WordPress. You might recollect how WordPress has changed over the years. Well, that has been possible only because of many dedicated and passionate brilliant minds. And it’s easy to contribute – just offer your technical expertise. By this you yourself would be updated on the latest on WordPress.

Be all ears

WordPress is blessed with a strong user and developer community, wich works relentlessly to make web a better place with the help of WordPress. Hence you got to have all your focus on the happenings that’s going on within and outside the community. This is the best way to keep yourself informed of the developments.

Be a researcher

If you think what does research has to do with you as a WordPress developer, you’re still not cut out for the job. Being in the software industry, you cannot swim with the current; even if you do, the under currents are strong enough to pull you down. To stay afloat, you ought to swim against the current. Especially in the open-source arena, things are much dynamic. At your level, you got to innovate and find new ways to get things done, because the beauty of open-source lies in how best you come up with the solution for your clients’ problems. There are no boundaries. This is the major reason why there are a plethora of CMSs, frameworks, plugins, etc, and still more on the way.

What’s your company?

Be with people who’re like minded. This would enable you to get your thoughts and actions right as there’ll be sharing of ideas, strategies and thoughts. Another way is to join online as well as offline forums. This is a huge source for valuable information. You also get to know that who’s who in WordPress, from whom you can draw inspiration.

The cream of the crop

Whatever said and done, nothing works if you don’t have the ‘passion’ within you. If you’ve noticed, most plugins are the result of hobbyists who are passionate about web development. Hence WordPress is all about passion and freedom that combine to propel WordPress in the generations to come.

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