6 Absolute Steps to Convert a PSD to WordPress Theme

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WordPress widened scope can be easily seen nowadays and its dominance in templates arena is reflected through great looking templates. There are numerous WordPress templates that you can download from the WordPress site and that too absolutely free. But as far as the uniqueness is concerned, the real charm is substantially explored by those WordPress templates which are created by WordPress developer by converting a PSD to WordPress template.

In fact, it is much more than just a blogging platform. As per WordPress usage statistics, it used by 60% of all the websites running over CMS platform. It has a very high market reputation in terms of popularity and traffic compared to other CMS.



Well, transforming a PSD file to WordPress template conversion is really tough task, but can be made easy if you find some time to learn about the steps involved in PSD to WordPress theme. Not going into the deep technical aspects, let’s understand the main process of PSD to WordPress conversion. This blog is presented to you with the intention of providing you a knowledgeable tutorial on PSD to WordPress template conversion.

What a PSD is?

A PSD is a Photoshop document created by Adobe Photoshop. It is layered image file which lets you save and edit parts of the respective image into png or jpeg file formats. This file is valuable for developers if they want to create their custom designs. The file can be easily opened in Photoshop and further editing operations are then carried out properly.

In general, a PSD to WordPress template conversion means the integration of PSD design in WordPress template.  These steps will be very beneficial for newbie web developers.

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Basically, the entire process is divided into six steps, each of which should be done with a constant focus. So here are those six noteworthy steps which provide you with the amazing WordPress templates.


1) PSD analysis

In the very first step, you need to analyze the PSD file meticulously and comprehend the complications that you may face while converting PSD to WordPress. You should be very clear about all the steps going to be performed by you such as splitting mockup into HTML, putting CSS codes, title, header, footer, and images.

2) PSD Slicing

In the next step, the PSD files are sliced into a number of layers with the help of image editing tool like Photoshop. Once you are done with the PSD slicing, you are allowed to put or remove text boxes, buttons, and links. Finally, the sliced PSD files are saved either as JPEG or Bitmap/GIF or any other.

3) Create Extension Files

In the third step, you need to create separate files for HTML, CSS and PHP codes with the extension index.html, style.css, and index.php respectively.

4) PSD Integration

This is the toughest step that needs to be done by a technical expert of programming. In this step, the sliced PSD file is coded with HTML/CSS that makes your PSD design live on the internet. Otherwise, the PSD files are not capable of being run on the World Wide Web without being converted into any web compatible format.

5) WordPress Integration

This is one of the most important steps for creating great WordPress templates. Once you have coded your PSD design to HTML, then next step comes is the integration of HTML/CSS with WordPress. If this process is done perfectly, then the output would be impeccably designed WordPress templates.

6) Templates Testing

Once you have converted the PSD design to WordPress template, you need to assure that the template you have designed is accessing perfectly on all major browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Hence, in order to make the WordPress template cross-browser compatible, you need to perform proper testing of the web template.

Practically, there are few more steps involved in PSD to WordPress conversion, but we have categorized the entire process into six main categories that can be legible for anyone.

Wrapping Note:

As now we can see, it would not require full technical knowledge to convert your PSD files into wonderful WordPress themes but yes it may require a bit knowledge of the same to get the desired output.

Thus, it is not advisable to create such website by own. However, you may need to hire professionals for such tasks especially when you want to add complex functionalities to your website. For any kind of assistance with your custom website, feel free to contact MarkupBox today: one of the leading front end development company in India.

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