Top 7 Reasons To Choose AngularJs

Over the past few years, Angularjs has emerged strong in the JavaScript world. Now, Angularjs has become the primary choice for developers to build a single page application. What makes it easily accesible is that it is an open source framework that supports highly advanced JavaScript framework and not only increases the effect of HTML but also eases the process of designing right from structuring UI to testing the application. Here are 7 reasons to choose Angularjs for your next project.


Backed By Google

As Angularjs is developed and maintained by Google, the developers are relieved to be working with a strong code base that will offer complete support to the project. Being an exception to the other common JavaScript application frameworks, which are created by independent developers, Angular is the result of brilliant work by Google engineers Adam Abrons and Misko Hevery. This is a major reason to choose Angular over other JavaScript frameworks like Ember.JS and Knockout.JS.

MVC Pattern

Angularjs incorporates original MVC (Model-View-Controller) architectural setup, but not as per the established standards. Usually, the developers have to divide an application into separate MVC components and then plan the essential code to unite them together. But with Angular it is different. Here you have to just divide the app and everything is taken care from there.


Simple Testing

There are certain parts of the app present in Angularjs modules that can easily be manipulated. With the help of module separation, you are comforted by loading only necessary services and thus smoothly conduct automatic testing. Further, if you stick to ‘one file, one module’ pattern, you don’t have to worry about keeping module loading order to memory.


Fast development

Angular reduces development time. Additionally, by using the right methodology, the framework can be ideally utilized for making big apps. Also with the release of Angular 4 it has become much more simpler and faster than before.


Effective Data Binding

Two-way data binding is another reason to choose Angualrjs. Here, any changes that you make in user interface affects the application objects and vice versa. When framework is faced with browser events, module changes and user controls on the page, it automatically updates the requisite patterns. Also, you must avoid the trouble to store links to DOM elements and straightway manipulate them. The result can be given with model stats terms without getting involved in low-level constructions.

Heavy Lifting

All of the heavy lifting is intelligently done by AngularJS to find the controller function, create the dependency between the template and the controller, and fetch the data to render it on the screen.

Less coding

With HTML you can create basic information models rather than composing enormous MVC pipeline. This basically implies that the developer will have to do less coding. Also Angularjs allows you to write scalable codes that can develop amazing apps with little lines of code.

Hence, now you know that Angularjs has host of features to offer. If you want to speed up your development and build amazing web applications, then Angularjs is the cut for you.


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