Top 5 Popular CSS Frameworks of 2018

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A Front-end development framework is a combination of HTML, CSS and Javascript components which makes the HTML5 development process an easy and quick one. On the other hand, by using a development framework, HTML5 developers can develop modern and responsive websites to attract users to their website.

Also, there are many differences between each development framework but all of them uses a grid system for layout. In addition, these development framework contains standardized concepts of HTML5, CSS, and Javascript.

The main criteria of these development frameworks are to make common and complex tasks easier.

In this post, we are going to talk about top 5 popular CSS framework trends in 2018.

Here, are the mentioned below top 5 popular Front-End framework of 2017:

1) Bootstrap


Bootstrap is a development framework developed using HTML5, CSS, and Javascript keeping in mind about mobile phone approach first. This development framework provides many components such as tab, carousel, responsive navigation, accordion etc. On the other hand, HTML5 developers can design any complex layout with the help of 12 column grid layout.

In addition, there is a large Bootstrap developer community all over the internet where developers can find easy solutions. Also, there are many great resource Bootstrap websites like Bootsnipp, Next Bootstrap, Start Bootstrap etc.

Here are some of the pros and cons of Bootstrap CSS development framework:


      • – Bootstrap is a great standardized development platform which has all basic styles and components required to build various front-end designs like layout grids, panels, buttons, tables, etc.
      • – Bootstrap is supported by all major browsers and easily fixes CSS compatibility issues.
      • – Provides consistent UI which looks awesome out of the box.
      • – Bootstrap CSS is designed with responsive structures and styles for mobile devices.
      • – Provides lots of free and professional templates, themes, and plugins.


        • – Bootstrap styles are complex and it leads to a lot of HTML output which is not perfectly semantic.
        • – Javascript in Bootstrap is tied to jQuery.
        • – Bootstrap requires a lot of rewriting of a file if a user has done a lot of customizations or to get diverted from the bootstrap structure.
        • – Websites customized using Bootstrap framework looks the same if a user does not customize it regularly.

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psd to bootstrap

2) Bulma



Bulma CSS development framework has been getting the buzz recently among the developer community.  Bulma is still in the beta version and they are pushing for a release of version 1.0. Moreover, Bulma is a lightweight and simple to use CSS stylesheet. In addition, Bulma CSS grid is built in with Flexbox which allows performing fancy footwork design than a normal standard grid.

Bulma CSS development framework runs and supports all the web browsers except any Internet Explorer browser running below version 10.0.

Therefore, if you are using Bootstrap than you don’t need to migrate on this.

Here are the pros and cons of Bulma CSS development framework:


          • – Bulma CSS CSS file is very lightweight and simple to customize on other CSS development framework.
          • – Bulma CSS provides integrated Flexbox which allows users to build fancy designs.


            • – Bulma CSS development framework is still in the development phase with final version still not released.
            • – Bulma CSS runs very slow on Internet Explorer web browser.


3) Materialize


Materialize CSS is another good development framework which is based on Android operating system’s material design. It is good for those who like the material design. The development team behind this development framework is working hard to make it an awesome one. In addition, Materialize CSS development framework provides great features which other development frameworks do not provide like Slide Nav, Chip, Waves, AutoComplete etc.

Here are the mentioned below pros and cons of Materialize CSS framework:


              • – Materialize CSS framework is very opinionated about the UI or UX design elements behavior and how they interact visually.
              • – Materialize CSS is great for creation of material design which is offered out of the box.
              • – Good documentation
              • – Responsive


                • – Materialize CSS does not support some old web browsers.
                • – CSS files in Materialize CSS are very large in size and heavy.
                • – Certain nesting of elements is handled properly by Materialize CSS.


4) Pure CSS



Pure CSS development framework works really well with the new project which is still in the development phase. The biggest advantage of using Pure CSS is its simplicity and the total size of a CSS file. Moreover, Pure CSS framework has incredibly small file size when compared with other CSS development framework.

Also, normalize.css file is integrated within this framework. Moreover, if it normally includes your project build, then you can easily get all your CSS resets with this framework.

Here are mentioned below pros and cons of Pure CSS development framework:


                  • – Lightweight and another file can simply be added using just a stylesheet.
                  • – CSS file in Pure CSS framework is available via CDN.
                  • – Shows explanations of how design grid works and other related features.
                  • – Saves a lot of development time.


                    • – Only limited number of designs and templates are available.
                    • – Pure CSS development framework does not have a large development community for technical support.
                    • – Pure is extremely simple and easy to use.
                    • – Pure CSS FontAwesome is not integrated by default.

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5) Kube


Kube CSS development framework is a great tool for modern day CSS developers. It supports all the modern web browsers. The default styles and templates in Kube CSS framework are pretty good and appealing. Moreover, this framework is very light on actual styles and completely focusses on the creation of important tools which will help in website development process.

Moreover, this CSS framework is also based on Flexbox which provides lots of features and added functionalities in terms of layout.

Kube CSS framework is a heavier when compared with Cube.

Here are the pros and cons of Kube CSS mentioned below:


                      • – Lightweight CSS files
                      • – Focusses on website development by providing important tools


                        • – No Kube CSS development community currently.
                        • – Mass adoption is still not there for this CSS development framework



In this post, we have discussed the top 5 best front-end development frames for 2018. There are more than dozens of development frameworks which are available on the Internet, but many of them are not updated on a regular basis and some are still in the beta version only.

However, We made a list development frameworks so that you can select one from the top 5. There are many HTML5 developers who are still confused whether which framework they should start working on. Therefore, we recommend you start using either Bootstrap or Materialize so that HTML5 developers should start developing complex websites or web applications.

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    Nice blog! Here’s a similar blog that presents top 5 CSS frameworks of 2017 with its advantages and disadvantages. You can also learn about things that you must consider before choosing a CSS framework to boost your front end development.

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