Top 5 HTML5 Development Tools You Should Know

HTML5 development services have been on a rise since last few years. There are many resources which are available to HTML5 developers for designing or developing websites or web application. These resources include tools, techniques, development frameworks and plugins which make the task of HTML5 developer an easy one.

Dedicated HTML5 developers make full utilization of these resources which help them in developing a powerful and secure web application for their users.

In addition, with the help of these tools, HTML5 developers can add attributes of attractiveness and interactivity for making their web application a great one over others.

In this blog, we will discuss top 5 HTML5 development tools for making HTML5 development an easy process.

Here are the top 5 HTML5 development tool mentioned below:

1)  Sprite Box Tool


This tool helps the HTML5 developers in designing the images into sprite using the tools like jQuery, CSS3, and some of the HTML5 development tools. On the other hand, this tool is most widely used for compressing images and this currently in trend these days.

In addition, this HTML5 development tool works outstandingly well for increasing the speed of image transaction and therefore it accelerates the website loading time.


2)  Adobe Edge Animate


This HTML5 development tool is used for developing interactive websites or web contents. With this tool, HTML5 developers can develop interactive website interface which is important for engaging more visitors towards your website or web application. In addition, this tool is very helpful for creating feature-rich websites which are full of interesting web elements.


3)  Font Testing Tool


Selecting a decent font for a website can be a difficult task for many dedicated HTML5 developers. Moreover, use of exceptional font bookmark helps to view any web application in new fonts without any need for changing the coding of HTML and CSS. Moreover, HTML5 developers can use the power of HTML5 simply by dragging font.tff files into top toolbar which would appear as a quick view.

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4)  HTML5 Reset


This HTML5 tool is used for resetting the web development clock. Moreover, there is no HTML5 development tool which is there to match up the performance and results delivered when HTML5 developers need to edit their old website codes. In addition, it eases the customization over the website and makes it easier to use with rest of the HTML5 development services.

On the other hand, this tool provides support for Google Analytics and jQuery calls.


5)   Liveweave


With the help of this HTML5 development tool dedicated HTML5 developers can test their codes on it. On the other hand, it can be described as a best as Javascript and CSS3 playground. This tool is very great as it saves the time of HTML5 developers when it comes to testing of codes.

In addition, Liveweave is a free HTML5 tool which makes it one of the best HTML5 development tool used by many HTML5 developers community all around the globe.

Wrapping Up:

The demand for these HTML5 development tools varies according to the requirements of different websites.There are many other HTML5 development tools available other than the discussed above tools.

Moreover, the selection of tools by HTML5 developers should be according to their needs and requirements. The tool can be ranging from according to various categories like code testing, font changing, embedding of videos and much more. Therefore, make the wiser choice for the selection of HTML5 development tools.

In addition, businesses should hire a dedicated HTML5 developer who has great knowledge about these development tools and could use them efficiently for developing their web applications. At MarkupBox, we are a large team of HTML5 developers who can help you for your projects. Feel free to contact us.

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One thought on “Top 5 HTML5 Development Tools You Should Know

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    Justin Spencer

    What’s the difference between Liveweave and JSfiddle? They look the same to me…
    I would add the best HTML editor to the list at

    12th July 2017

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