Top 5 Benefits of Using HTML 5 Development Framework

HTML5 is the latest release of hypertext markup language which is used to develop dynamic websites or web applications. Moreover, it offers many of the same features from previous releases but it has several new features which have opened the new opportunities for the HTML5 developer community.

In addition, there are many web developers who want to make a switch to using HTML5 development services in their near future. The major benefits of HTML5 development are growing each day which provides functionalities on par with other available technologies.

On the other hand, with the increasing demand for HTML5 businesses, these days look to hire a dedicated HTML5 developer for creating or developing their business web portal.

In this blog, we will talk about top 5 benefits of using HTML5 development framework.

Here the top 5 benefits of using HTML5 development framework mentioned below:


1)  Integrated Audio/Video Playback


In previous versions of HTML, web developers were forced to use third-party tools or software like Adobe Flash Player, Silverlight or Quicktime for playing audio and video. It was a very cumbersome method often resulting in errors. But, when the HTML5 released it easily solved all the problems related to full support for audio and video.

Here is the example of HTML5 development services code for integrating audio and video playback:

<video poster=”movie.jpg” controls>
<source src=”movie.ogg” type=”video/ogg”>
<source src=”movie.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″>
Your browser does not support the <code>video</code> element.

Note: In the above code there are two file formats .ogg and .mp4. It means that it allows web browser will either of the two file format. Therefore, it means that if user’s web browser does not support .ogg file format it will automatically move onto .mp4 file format.

2)  Offline Caching


HTML5 development services offer offline caching. It means that website visitors can load certain elements of a web page without any active internet connection making an assumption that this particular user might have visited this web page previously. Moreover, if the visitor’s internet connection goes down then they can load core elements of that site. Therefore, with HTML5 dedicated HTML5 developers can define which files visitor’s web browser will save and offline caching is totally a new concept in HTML5.

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3)  Clean Codes


Many of you might hate long lengthy sheet of HTML codes. Looking in mind about this way, HTML5 development services was designed to offer cleaner codes which are easier for HTML5 developers and are optimized for improving search engine readability. Moreover, when the search engine is able to understand the content of a website it leads to higher search engine rankings.


4)  Cross-Compatibility for Web Browsers

cross browser

The fourth most benefit of HTML5 development services is the cross-compatibility with all the web browsers which includes Firefox, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. It does not mean that all of the mentioned above web browsers will support all the elements of HTML5 but it will be able to read the doctype at very least.

5)  Smartphone Optimization


The main reason why dedicated HTML5 developer prefers HTML5 is because it is optimized for development of mobile websites and applications. Moreover, responsive websites are easily developed using HTML5 which offers a full range of functionalities across various devices. Without any horizontal or vertical scrolling, mobile web browsers can browse websites more effectively.

Therefore, Adobe Flash Player has discontinued its support for mobile phones making the way for HTML5 which handles interactive tasks on mobile phones very easily.

Some other Additional Features in HTML5 :

<figure> tag was introduced as an element which associates captions with their image counterparts

<small> element is referred to as small print; which can be denoted as the correct wrapper for the particular information.

HTML5 removed the <type> attribute altogether.

The use of quotes is dependent on the HTML5 developers.

<Contenteditable> tag is used to edit any of the text contained within the element, including its children.

HTML5 offers email inputs that allow users to instruct the browser for allowing only strings and then confirming email addresses.

Placeholders and local storage are grouped in for the Convenience stake in HTML5 development services.

HTML5 easily creates sliders with the specific range of input.

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As discussed above are the top 5 benefits of using HTML5 development framework. Moreover, businesses who are interested in using HTML5 technology need experienced HTML5 developers who have expertise in HTML5 development.

In addition, HTML5 is not yet fully adopted by many developers till now. Businesses in 2017 should stop using the elements which are already rejected in HTML5 and start using new tags and codes that are specifically used in HTML5 development services for their further growth.

You can consult with our HTML 5 Experts at MarkupBox, leading front end development company in India since last 11 years and has successfully completed more than 7200 projects. Feel free to Contact us.

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