Top 20 PHP Tools for Web Developers

Few years back, web development was considered to be a very tough and challenging job. But with the advancement of technology and several tools, web development has become much easier these days. The most important factor is how you do it and the time that you require to accomplish the task. Web developers do not need to scratch their heads every time as there are several free online tools also that can be used to make massive progress in the field of web development and make it a simpler job.

In this article I will help the blooming web developers with twenty top useful tools and some resources for the PHP developers that will help them to make their life simpler with smarter technologies.

1. Modx 

PHP Tools for Developers

MODx supports you to function as a controller of the online content of your work. This is an Open Source PHP application framework. This helps you to construct sites in a manner that you desire to do. It gives much liberty to perform your task. MODX can be bent as per your requirement. It is selected as the best open source CMS in the year of 2012 as per the critics. It is a flexible and powerful content management system.

2. PHP Object Generator

PHP OBJECT GENERATOR Tools For web Developer

PHP Object generator is basically an open source that certainly creates tested and fresh codes that are object oriented for the applications of PHP4/PHP5.

3. Symphony

Symfony PHP Tools For Developer

It is a framework that is full-stack. It is basically a collection of several classes that are interconnected and written in the PHP language. The branch of 1.x of the framework was developed in the year of 2005. But it is a bit older. The latest version that is stable and can provide long term support is the symphony 1.4. from the time of November in the year of 2005. Symphony 1.x is not maintained to any further extent. If you want to work in a better way, then you can look for symphony 2. This will help you much in newer projects.

4. Zend Studio

Zend PHP Tools

ZEND studio has proven capabilities for the Eclipse groups for the purpose of generating the world’s most persuasive IDE that is for RIAs or Rich Internet Applications.

5. CakePHP

CakePHP Tools For Developers

It is a specific developmental framework for the PHP code that deals with an architectural building experience that is swift, sustaining and helps in installing applications.

6. PHP-Debugger

PHP Debugger Tools For Developers

It is basically a PHP debugger that is full featured, and is also a tool for collaborating that can assist you while debugging the PHP scripts.

7. Fire PHP


It allows you to log to the Firebug Console by the utilization of simple and easy PHP method call that you necessitate.

8. Auklya


It is a descendant of Auton Rijnsburg that is further improvised. This is highly helpful in the segment of software development as well as web services.

9. BlueShoes

Blue Shoes PHP Tools

This is a content management system or CMS and also an application framework that can complete the task perfectly. This helps to write in the language of PHP that is used extensible in the field of web-scripting.

10. Codeigniter


It is a PHP framework that is really great and amazing. It has very small footprints that are made for the purpose of the coders of PHP who require a smart and modest toolkit to create web applications that are fully featured.

11. Xaraya

Xaraya PHP Tools

It is the most recent and up-to-date open source framework that is written in PHP. The developers working with this framework can generate web applications that are erudite and you can also avail substantial flexibility. This is really of great help as I found it and you can try using this.

12. Qcodo

Qucodo PHP Tools

It is nothing but a PHP framework that is an open source. This emphasizes on releasing the boredom, tiredness and tedious efforts during routine coding. If you want to have an effortless coding pattern, then you can try this as I found it to be much comfortable.

13. PHP Open Biz

PHP Tools For Developers

If you have a desire to develop a business application that is data centric and also dispossessed of any unclean code, then this is the best choice for you. I assure that you will not be unsatisfied while using this.

14. PHP Documentor

PHP Documentor Tools

This is a documentation that is totally comprehensive and explanation of PHP.

15. Seagull PHP Framework


It is basically an advanced framework of OOP. You can use this in constructing any web page. This is registered under BSD. This project can help you to integrate effortlessly and get done the code resources. This helps in constructing the complex applications speedily.

16. PHP/SWF Charts

PHP/SWF Charts Tools


PHP/SWF Charts are a gentle, yet significant PHP tool that can help you to build several fine-looking and efficient graphs and web charts as well, from the lively data.

17. Securimage

Securimage Tools

It is an open source and free PHP captcha script for generating captcha codes and complex images. This can help you in protecting your website from abuse or spam.


18. HTML Purifier


19. Simplepie

Simplepie PHP Tools

20. Simpletest

Simpletest PHP Tools

HTML Purifier, SIMPLETEST and SIMPLEPIE are some of the other tool kits that are also much beneficial.
So, go ahead with my suggestion and create an awesome website using these PHP tools.

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One thought on “Top 20 PHP Tools for Web Developers

  1. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Yii is missing in the list. It should totally be there.
    It’s also strange that you list Zend Studio, but not Zend Framework, which although I’m not a big fan of, should be in the list too.

    Otherwise, nice article. Keep up the good job 🙂

    4th September 2013

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