Tips For Making A Responsive Theme For Your CMS

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Race for comfort and active growth in the number of smartphones & Internet enabled devices has brought the Web to the smaller screens. Website designers these days adopt techniques to make their websites on handhold gadgets like iOS & Android. It’s time to make your business website ready to compete with the compact & smart world.

Bruce Lee said “you put water into a bottle and it becomes the bottle. You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.” Responsive Web design is like water. It makes your website compatible to all devices by molding it as per their screen resolution and layout. It allows your website to display all its content accurately to all the users by adjusting its design to accommodate screens of different sizes. You are no longer supposed to zoom and scroll around while browsing on your devices. The best thing about Responsive theme is that they grant you one look on different screen size by using fluid grids, images and queries.

Adopting Responsive Web design enables website owners to stay free from maintaining different sets of pages for different screen sizes, browser itself choose the appropriate style on page load.

Only two years back, the term “Responsive Web Design” was introduced. Still today a website owner can choose from many small screen device’s themes for Content Management System. Widely adaptable responsive method that can be applied to trigger different layout sets at various screen sizes such as handhold devices as well as to the large screen size devices is CSS media queries.

So many themes are available today, now the question arises that how should you choose the right responsive theme for your website? Selection of the right responsive theme for your website depends on your priorities and performance of the theme.

Individual Priorities

Does your website convey your message?
The room for access on a screen varies with the number of pixels available. For a handhold device that measures 320 pixels, there is a limited space for access. In such cases design forces you to takeout the distractions from the actual message of your website for better user experience.

Font & formatting of your website
Font size on a wide screen can be four to five times larger that that on small screen so you must be specific with what size of font you want to use for your handhold website as font size decides the format of the Web page on a mobile device. This makes the adjusting of the first page, second page and more as per the user’s convenience.

Does your website show primary content?
If element or the content doesn’t support the title of the page then it is not the primary content, it’s better to remove that element for the better user experience so that users can easily focus over the primary content.

Responsive Theme Performance

Theme Size
Big size themes requires more time to fetch the data and hence cause delay for Web server as well as for the user. Fetching a website of larger size costs users more kilobytes, so user generally avoids such websites.

Website Layout
Left column of wide screen layout becomes the header in a handhold layout design and the right column of wide screen layout becomes the footer, regardless of its width and content. That is, horizontal layout on wide screen always becomes vertical layout on handhold device.


A responsive website design gives you the benefit of having one website to serve all your audience. Therefore, if you want to justify the cost and give an excellent user experience at the same time, adopting a suitable responsive theme is what you have to do.

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