PSD To WordPress Conversion Tutorial

A compelling user-friendly design and an efficient website coding are the two main pillars of an excellent website. A developer need to have perfect command on both in order to make a successful website.

WordPress, a dynamic and most popular Content Management System and a website building tool has given the power of creating an alluring website to the non-programmers. But, if one wants to create a custom website on WordPress, grasping certain skills is still required.

Here is a tutorial on how to convert PSD to WordPress to make it easy for the newbie web developers to understand the conversion process.

1) Slicing


Slicing is the first step in PSD to WordPress conversion process. In slicing, one needs to bifurcate an image into several images according to their design components. A website is usually made by sewing multiple images together, making the process of slicing a must.

For slicing, Adobe PhotoShop is the most favoured software by the developers because of it’s accuracy in cutting out pixel perfect images. To make a design, one may use the software that holds the potential to create layered images.

Some like to use PhotoShop for this too, while others prefer different software like, pixia, gimp, etc. Another point to be taken into attention here is that unlike certain components, like buttons, and embedded images that have to be sliced entirely, one doesn’t need to cut the solid color background as it can be created dynamically.

It depends on the designers and coders, what they want to code and what not.

2) HTML And CSS Creation


Once the images have been sliced, one needs to code them through HTML or XHTML and may use CSS for its styling. For this, software like Fireworks, Dreamweaver or some other similar software may be used, depending on the comfortability of the developer.

If a responsive website is required, then one needs to modify the VSS accordingly while styling. To perfectly complete the coding and styling of the website, developer needs to have a deep knowledge of CSS and HTML and in case of any doubt, should take the help of online sources.

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3) Breaking The HTML For WordPress


Creating a custom website means creating a WordPress theme that would later be uploaded to the WordPress software. Therefore, to make a supportive WordPress theme, HTML file should be divided into multiple HTML files according to the WordPress theme file structure.

There are several PHP files that makes a WordPress theme, like, header.php, 404.php, sidebar.php, comments.php, etc. In order to make a functioning WordPress theme, one needs to break the HTML files into such feature files.

psd to wordpress

4) Merging WordPress Tags


WordPress has a plethora of inbuilt functions that take care of all the basic functionalities of a website and add to it’s beauty. A PHP tag is required to be added to a WordPress file in order to combine them as a theme.

In this step, a developer needs to add PHP tag to the broken HTML WordPress files (done in previous step). After tagging the files, one should save them in a single folder in –wp/content/themes/ location.

5) Equip It With Functionality


After completing the theme, if one wishes to add more functionality to a website, then instead of changing the core codes and wasting time and energy, one may take the help of a plugin of required function. Whether one wants to add a new sidebar or new style of dropdown menu, one can simply download and install the plugin and let it take over from there.

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When the power of WordPress and beauty of PSD are combined, one can develop an outstanding theme for a website. Not only does it make a website more attractive and engaging, it also benefits the business with seamless advantages of WordPress development.

The overall process of converting PSD to WordPress is not so much difficult. Either you can have expert conversion services from reliable and reputed companies like MarkupBox, which is a leading WordPress Development company in India.

You can consult with our PSD to WordPress conversion experts for your next WordPress development project. Feel free to Contact us.

psd to wordpress

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