How PSD to HTML5 Is Good For Mobile Devices?

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At present, when technology has been immensely upgraded to great heights, the modern mobile and web technologies have integrated in such a way that you can access the website on mobile devices in with the same way as on the desktop. In fact, PSD to Responsive HTML5 conversion tends to grow your website business as much as the number of mobile phones is increasing day by day.

Responsiveness is best delivered through smartphones nowadays. All digital agencies should migrate their business website to responsive one asap in order to generate good revenue this year.

According to HTML5 usage statistics,  it is used by 63.9% of all the websites while HTML is used by 75.9% of all such websites.

However, the HTML5 market position is shown by a graph below:


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Moreover, The present mobile devices and web technology have been amalgamated to explore the entire world on your mobile. With an advent of HTML5 and CSS3, the experience of the web on mobile has become more spectacular now. 

psd to html5

As now, we can see  PSD to HTML5 came into the picture and got huge popularity within a short period of time. PSD to HTML5 has emerged as one of the top-notch solutions to tackle the problems that have not been properly solved by PSD to HTML.

Some of the biggest players in web industry like Apple and Google also support the development of HTML5 and appreciate the concept behind PSD to HTML5 conversion, and that was to integrate web technologies with mobile platforms.

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The intention of revising HTML to HTML5 was to support web-based mobile devices in order to provide you with fully fledged web applications. This would help in moving from bore traditional to compact and convenient netbooks, ipads, tablets and others. This makes the web industry to get slightly oriented towards PSD to HTML5.

Some noteworthy features of PSD to HTML5 and PSD to CSS3 as well:

Let’s see what makes PSD to HTML5/CSS3 an attractive web application? There are so many factors that make it popular for mobile devices, among which few are mentioned below:

1. Impeccable use of multimedia capabilities- There is an inbuilt audio and video support system within PSD to HTML5. So you do not need to install third party application for hosting.

2. Offline data storage

3. Amazing drawing capabilities- You can create flowcharts, 2D games, phenomenal graphic interfaces that are something more attractive than traditional HTML and CSS.

4. Geolocation functionality- This would help the user to determine the exact location of GPS or WiFi signals.

5. Enables inserting custom fonts.

6. Various background images can be used.

7. Rectangular regions can be made round shaped.

8. Shadows for fonts and regions can be created.

Final Words:

From mentioned features of PSD to HTML5 /CSS3, it is clearly seen that HTML5/CSS3 can be used to create more interactive and functional web resources and that too with the minimum utilization of JavaScript and third party plugins. It delivers responsive web applications which further used by millions of users across the globe via smartphones or any other gadgets.

Overall, PSD to HTML5 conversion services helps digital firms to grow their business more.If you want to hire PSD to HTML5/CSS3 conversion professionals then contact MarkupBox today as it one of the leading front end development company in India completed more than 7200+ projects till now.

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