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Starting a business website is easy but building a brand name requires one to device a comprehensive strategy and work . First and foremost you need to choose the right web development technique and this is where most businesses today opt for PSD to HTML conversion. This technique has become the industry standard of achieving robust websites. In this technique PSD to CSS conversion also plays a significant role as it lends uniformity to the website. When you convert PSD to HTML you can get a unique website which is customized to meet the niche demands of your business.

One of the prerequisites of building a successful online brand is to cash on search engines like Google Bing and Yahoo. A PSD to HTML website helps you gather maximum mileage out of the search engines and stay ahead of the crowd for targeted keywords. Your website would rank high on the search engine results pages giving your website more visibility helping you build a successful online brand in a short period of time. With right strategy your will see your website adding the sales of your products and increasing your revenue. Let us take a look at some of the key factors in this technique which make websites search engine friendly.

Clean Coding –

All of us aware of the importance of coding when it comes to the performance of a website. PSD to HTML conversion generates clean codes which help them render easily on the web browser. Professional developers manually code the website using semantic coding technique which attracts search engine crawlers allowing easy indexing and earning higher rank on the search engines. The function of each and every element in the website is well defined and they seamlessly integrate to form an robust website.

PSD to CSS –

The Cascading Style Sheet lends uniformity to the website in terms of color scheme, fonts, images etc. It basically separates the content from the design allowing you to post content easily into the website without altering the design and structure of the website. PSD to CSS conversion also reduces the load time of the website on a browser as it helps you create lighter HTML pages. It also allows you to build table less websites which are lighter and search engine friendly.

W3C Validation –

Once the coding is done the website under goes W3C validation which checks for errors in your HTML codes. Validation pinpoints the errors in the code allowing you to correct them easily and achieving a technically perfect website. W3C also validates the structure of your website which enhances the performance of the website. This also helps in making your website cross browser compatible which would attract more visitors to your website.

Positioning –

Since the website is designed as an image in Photoshop you can position the images, buttons and text as you like.  You can design custom button to match your design using this technique. The size of text and color scheme can be themed around your products and services thus giving you immediate brand recognition in the market. Most profession developers create responsive websites with PSD to HTML where the website configures itself according to the specifications of the device it is being browsed with. Thus a single website can be used to target both desktop/laptop based users and those using their tablets and smartphones to browse the website.

PSD to HTML conversion needs to be done with surgical precession and this requires sound command over Photoshop and manual coding as software generated codes don’t give you the same advantage. You should be very choosy about the developer you hire for this conversion. Take a close look at the websites they have developed in the past as this would give you an insight into their experience and expertise and help you make a perfect choice.

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