10 Popular PHP Scripts for Web Developers

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PHP, a server scripting language helps makes web pages interactive and lively. Whenever a website enables the comments sections and makes it possible for users to post their opinions, at the background there are thousands of PHP scripts that are running and making the comments section come alive. There are different PHP scripts that are freely available to developers so that they can use them to make their website more interactive and versatile. In this article we have listed the top 10 free PHP scripts that are available to the developers.

1. Xde Bug: Xdebug is a useful, free and open source PHP extension that can be used for debugging and profiling websites. Xdebug works more as an extension and it is extremely easy to use the PHP script. From the developer’s end, there are very few things that need to be setup. Xdebug also helps in profiling information, present the memory allocation, and give a code coverage analysis. Thus with minimal help, Xdebug can be used to get data on stack traces and function traces in error messages. These messages come with full parameter display for user defined functions, function name, file name and line indications.

Xde Bug

2. PHP And MySQL Login Script: If you are looking for only the best PHP script, the PHP & MySQL Login Script clearly makes it to the top of the list. It is an object oriented, unsophisticated and secured PSH script that works with MySQL. The system also boasts of secured encryption and blowfish using the authorized PHP password hashing function. The PHP and MySQL files are set in a well-ordered manner and only a sole database table is used.

PHP & MySQL Login Script

3. ChiliScripts: ChiliScripts is another open source, free script application that is built using PHP and which uses MySQL for storing the data. ChiliScripts presents a snapshot of the statistics in a ‘OneView’ page and sub-pages that is supported by charts. The ‘OneView’ page can be used to view top-referrers; most visited pages and most referred keywords. Another interesting feature of ChiliScripts is the History page that can be used for digging past statistics. As part of the package, the PHP script also offers a stats counter widget that can be integrated into the website.





4. Commentics: Commentics, another free PHP script that uses MySQL for storing data comes with several new features. There are numerous safety features such as CAPTCHA or swear/spam and anti-flooding filters that help developer insert strict safety measures into a website. Commentics also makes it possible for users to give rating to the content of the site and subscribe to the site’s feed too.


5. PHP A/B Testing: As the name suggests PHP A/B Testing can be used to set up A/B tests in a website. This can be done very quickly without much developmental issues. PHP A/B Testing integrates with Google Analytics thus allowing deeper insight into the tests’ impact on users. Developers can also run this free script on a trail mode and find out about its various variations. Once they are satisfied with the script, they can switch to the live mode. In order to keep the data clean, PHP A/B Testing automatically filters search engine bots out of tests.

PHP A-B Testing

6. OSCLass: If you want to develop a classified website, developers are suggested to start using OSCLass. Your classified website can be allied to the marketing of different professions. With the help of the PHP script you can customize your templates and plugins and turn your website into a classified one within minutes.


7. PhpSysInfo: PhpSysInfo can be used to display detailed information about the host where the website is placed. The script will display data such as the CPU, RAM, OS, installed devices etc. PhpSysInfo can also analyze the server load information and help improve the performance of the site.


8. Silurus Classifieds Open Source Script: Silurus is another PHP script that can be used to run a classified website. Using the script, you can run several kinds of classifieds such as merchandises, bicycles etc.

Silurus Classifieds Open Source Script

9. PhpFreeChat: PhpFreeChat is a free and open source PHP chat application that can run without any database. It can be used by several users at the same time and works with a responsive layout. It has a modular authentication system that can be integrated into any app.


10. GBCF-v3: GBCF-v3 is a PHP script that can be used to build forms into a website. It offers a good level of accessibility and security. It has a semantic markup and does not use JavaScript. The security is enhanced in the form of question/answer for the users where the users are prompted a question and the user is expected to answer them correctly. GBCF-v3 also has an anti-flood control option which can be activated to prevent multiple submissions from different IPs.



If you are among those developers who want to reach their goals within time constraints, then above mentioned PHP scripts will help you a lot. Having ready scripts can be useful and time saving also. The above mentioned PHP scripts are free and will certainly help you in the web development task. These scripts are also simple to install, configure and use and will definitely assist you in achieving desired results promptly.

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