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Popular PHP frameworks with its present acronym of Hypertext Pre-Processor, transformed from its old acronym of Personal Home Page, stands as the best server-scripting languages in the market for developing efficient websites which need potential communication with the servers. The reputation is evident with the statistics of its usage of 2.1 million web servers and 244 million websites.

PHP is widely used for developing a huge number of software frameworks. These frameworks, in turn promote the rapid application development, from the design structures, providing the building blocks of them. The best and top listing PHP frameworks in the market fluctuate with multiple and varied priorities in terms of performance, documentation and the list of built-in functions and so on.

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1. CodegIniter : This micro-framework is simple to learn. With this, you can develop small to large projects. It can be installed with less complexity which requires slight additional setting. The popular PHP frameworks support and develop plenty of its forums, blogs and wiki tutorials.

CodegIniter -PHP Frameworks

2. Zend Framework : This is for technical documentation with academically literate code. It demands more knowledge of PHP and OOP with more complex installation and is very flexible to design medium to large projects.

Zend Framework

3. Yii: This is easier in terms of learning, comparing Symfony and Zend. It wins to be on top for its decent code generators as well as a decent view system. The popular PHP frameworks change the need of PHP5 and OOP skills and implemented for smaller to larger projects. With the average complexity of installation, it has been developed by the community.

Yii - PHP Frameworks

4. CakePHP: Though installation of them is done with less complexity, it requires you to well verse with PHP, skill to sort out the framework as well as the source code. Rich with great built-in functionality, all things are integrated closely and of course the documentation has yet to be in better shape.

CakePHP - PHP Frameworks

5. Symfony: A popular PHP frameworks to learn as it needs PHP5, OOP, console and ORM, however once you master these skills, you can build larger projects with the usage of yaml, line of command, dependency injections, a proper view system with powerful code generators and powerful ORM.

Symfony - PHP Frameworks

6. Fuel: The Fuel framework is the best among many with its documentation that is actively maintained. This community driven framework has been consistently rolling out its new features.

Fuel - PHP Frameworks

7. Kohana: This lightweight PHP 5 framework does not have dependencies on other libraries and extensions because of the optimized solutions employed. It uses an architectural pattern of Model View Controller and is well driven and supported by the community.

Kohana - PHP Frameworks

8. Akelos: It is MVC based web application development platform with similarity with Ruby on Rails design patterns. This is preferred for the web applications for multilingual databases which can be implemented with small code to create simple and uniform scripts.

Akelos - PHP Frameworks

9. Prado: It stands for PHP Rapid Application Development Object oriented. This event-driven  programming as well as component-based popular PHP  frameworks is majorly applicable to develop the web applications, especially in PHP 5.

Prado - PHP Frameworks

10. Qcodo: This framework is an object oriented framework, providing a platform for rapid application development. It enables us to carry the prototypes for the subsequent levels.

Qcodo - PHP Frameworks

11. Maintainable: I used it for developing small to medium projects and of course not suitable for all applications. Upon the request of the customers, it was released in open source, though it was built for own projects.

Maintainable - PHP Frameworks

12. evoCore: This is a free framework, which is available in two licenses, either from Mozilla MPL or GNU GPL licenses. This is suitable for blogging applications of b2evolution.

evocore - PHP Frameworks

13. Stratus: This is an object oriented and open-sourced web application framework. This framework is used to facilitate the rapid development of PHP web applications that are secure and well organized.

stratus - PHP Frameworks

14. Seagull: If you are aware of this mature OOP framework, you can build GUI and command line web applications. Complex applications can be made very quickly by managing and to integrate the code resources.

seagull - PHP Frameworks

15. Zoop: It works integrated with many Pear Modules like Prototype JS framework, Smarty etc.


16. KISSMVC: It helps designing the web applications by implementing MVC design pattern and using Model 2 paradigm. The isolation of the page content and internal application code enables the designers and developers to work on each expertise.

kissmvc - PHP Frameworks

17. AjaxAC: Using this framework, we can develop AJAX applications with the idea of using the XMLHttpRequest object using which the state of a web page can be changed easily.

ajax - PHP Frameworks

18. xAjax: This is a PHP class library, available open source which is helpful in creating Ajax applications quickly associating with HTMLL, JavaScript, PHP and CSS.

xajax - PHP Frameworks

19. PHOCOA: Inspired by WebObjects and Cocoa, this is an event driven, object-oriented and componentized MVC framework.

phocoa - PHP Frameworks

20. Recess: This framework is well designed and offers you a delightful and a great experience in developing the applications.

recess - PHP Frameworks

21. Agavi: It is yet another framework that follows the MVC paradigm using which we can code clean and extensive code that is well maintainable.

agavi - PHP Frameworks

22. Fuse: Another MVC PHP framework which was resulted after getting influenced by CakePHP and Ruby on Rails web frameworks.

fuse - PHP Frameworks

23. Horde: One framework that deals with preferences, authentication, encryptions, forms, log files, session handling, storage of files and remote procedure calls providing, backend-independent interfaces.

Horde - PHP Frameworks

24. PHPwork: It is an event driven with close ASP.NET architecture framework enables to develop fast and reliable PHP-based websites.

PHPwork - PHP Frameworks

25. Lisa: This MVC architecture framework is an object oriented one that is based on Smarty template engine and PHP 5.2.

Lisa - PHP Frameworks

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  1. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    I think cakephp is good….

    13th February 2017
  2. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Very good compilation that you have created. CodeIgniter and CakePHP are the best among them.

    6th February 2015
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    Justin Spencer

    That is very fascinating, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to looking for more of your fantastic post. Additionally, I have shared your web site in my social networks

    15th January 2015
  4. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Yii is the best!

    19th September 2013
  5. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Thats a huge list. Which one is the best fit for rest based web services?

    19th September 2013

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