Pixel Perfect in Theory and Practice

Digital web designing is constantly booming in online business nowadays. Hence, Pixel perfect web design is the need of today’s hour.

As per the research study on web design technologies 2017, we have found that the websites are more interactive and user friendly these days.

Many innovative technologies have already entered and many new design technologies are yet to come. This will act as a supplement to new businesses in the coming years as the technology is evolving at a fast rate.

Here, we talk about pixel perfect technology in details!

Pixel perfect technology is a buzz word floating in the web communities. It offers methods to generate sharp, clean and a fuller look to your web design. This blog will help you to understand your clients approach towards Pixel Perfect in theory and in practice.

Pixel perfect technology can be simply defined as a process in which every pixel of your webpage is completely used to offer cleanest and sharpest looks.

What your clients think for Pixel Perfect?
According to client’s approach, they believe that Pixel Perfect is a way to make the images and designs look exactly alike in multiple browsers. A website should be compatible with different browsers.

Fact about Pixel Perfect!
Pixel Perfect is a perfect method to make the website appear alike on all browsers as per the client’s approach. Although the clients’s understanding of Pixel Perfect is not incorrect and it is not impossible to attain such level of perfection.

However, this would demand the hardest efforts from developers and an overly prolonged time of development. If you decide to achieve such level of perfection then your budget, timeline and effort would go for a toss.

Developers on the other hand have a different approach and believe that instead of spending too much time and effort to accurately make Pixel Perfect pages, it will be worth to put time in improving other aspects of website, such as User Interface and added features to increase ROI.

Understanding this dilemma in present scenario, Pixel Perfect is carried for one browser and your page design is then made compatible with the rest of the browsers. The browser chosen by the client on the basis of the operating system has its own sets of spacing, forms, fonts etc.

One of the popular image type is the PSD i.e. PhotoShop Document. PSD is a kind of image that opens up in a single format. There are however multiple browsers which cannot show it in the exact same type.

Thus it is important for the clients to understand the fact that if a site is made Pixel Perfect for one of the browsers, it might not look the same for the other browsers. There will always remain some difference or the other.

There is only one approach which is suitable and most appropriate to resolve this. It is in best interest to have a web design which is made Pixel Perfect for the browser of your choice and then reworking on it to make it compatible for all the other browsers and to minimize the differences.

Besides, Our web developers use crucial pixel perfect techniques to provide maximum sharpness to the target images. Two major tools used for this task are PhotoShop and Illustrator.

Sometimes we see the task is actually not easy as it seems to be. To get the desired output, we need to hire professionals for the same. Pixel perfect professionals give a website more comprehensive look than before and makes it more precise.

Let’s have a look on some Pixel Perfect techniques!

1)Pixel Fitting:

This technique helps to optimize vectors pasted from Illustrator into PhotoShop without affecting the quality. Vector graphics are then used for digital design avoiding any anti-aliasing imperfections that came by porting graphics from Illustrator to PhotoShop.

Our pixel perfect professionals deploy a unique process that involves path creation in the shape layer while pasting vector graphics thus makes them closer to the actual physical pixels.

2)Pixel Hinting:

This technique helps in aligning the pixels perfectly. It is mainly used to get rid of unwanted anti-aliasing.

3)Nudging and smashing pixel rotation:
This technique is used to manipulate pixel perfect designs elements without breaking them in the pixel process. If you find any difficulty in pasting vectors from Illustrator to PhotoShop, then this technique will be very helpful. Moreover, it retains the quality of website without causing blurriness and disturbing pixels.

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As far we have seen, the connotation of Pixel Perfect designs have been altered in theory and practice.
If you want to grow your online business in present web scenario then Pixel Perfect web design is an important concern for you. To hire Pixel Perfect Professionals for building responsive web designs, you can contact MarkupBox today.
We are always ready to help you best!

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4 thoughts on “Pixel Perfect in Theory and Practice

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    Justin Spencer

    Its a nice piece of knowledge that you have shared here. Thanks.. Definitely going to recommend it to my friends.

    10th March 2015
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    Justin Spencer

    I went through many articles regarding Pixel-perfect but I can say this is the most useful one. Thanks!!

    4th March 2015
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    Justin Spencer

    Hey Justin,
    Nicely written. Making an image Pixel-perfect is definitely the process of displaying it to the clearest of form making use of every pixel and you have done a nice job on the article. Thanks for sharing.

    3rd March 2015
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    Justin Spencer

    This is a great knowledge that you have shared here. It will help in clearing the misconceptions about Pixel-Perfect. Thanks for sharing.

    2nd March 2015

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