Magento: What Are Advantages/Disadvantages For Business

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Magento is one of the most useful eCommerce systems at present. A large number of best and most powerful eCommerce sites have been created through this platform. However, not everybody swears by it and there have been a plethora of posts which point out that Magento isn’t as great for everyone as it seems to be and there have been many amateur developers who have had a hard time dealing with it. With rise in the popularity of Magento, PSD to Magento Conversion Services are getting quite popular among businesses.

Though Magento has been able to score great points in terms of technology and awesome features, it lags behind at some areas, too. All this has led to debates on what magneto can do and what it can’t do, and mentioned below are a few of the strongest points of contention.

What Sets Magento Apart?


1) Powerful

Undoubtedly Magento is one of the most powerful eCommerce systems. It can handle the needs of eCommerce websites which are very large and complex and its flexibility gives it a great advantage over other similar systems.

The reporting features of Magneto are commendable and it can easily manage your otherwise complicated discounting and vouchers. This platform facilitates for heavy duty works and its vast number of features this work.

2) Flexible and Customizable

Another great aspect that Magento provides its users with is flexibility in terms of scalability. You can customize your site according to the nature of your business and mold it according to your needs.

The customization can be carried out with the options provided in the admin interface as well as the extra plugins which will help. The coding of this system has been done in such a way that you can successfully change the way it looks and feels.

3) Free and Feature Rich

The features this eCommerce system has cannot be compared to other site building platforms present on the Web and one of the versions available (Community version) is free for everybody. Not only is it filled with a number of features which help greatly in the creation of eCommerce sites, but the features are very distinct and contribute greatly in making your site better.

Magento has features like ability to store multiple fonts, multi-lingual features and multi currency support. It is also very search engine and mobile friendly and can also be easily integrated with various popular content management systems. The paid version of Magento, also known as the Enterprise Version is also available and it comes with improved features, better functionality and support but in most cases the Community version serves well.

4) Ever-Expanding Community

One of the strongest points of Magento is its wide base among developers and users and an ever-expanding community. This network of people continuously aims at contributing to the better understanding of Magneto and is constantly providing answers and solutions to queries and problems of the people.

It’s easy to find instruction books and blog posts for this system which makes Magento easy to use and manage. The people in this network also come out with life-saving plugins from time to time, making life easier for others.

What Lets Magento Down?


1) Takes Time to be Understood

Though we earlier talked about how it’s feature-rich and can really help us out in our eCommerce stores, it has a negative side too as sometimes these features do nothing but confuse the developers and users. It is hard to grasp in the beginning.

This means that if you plan to work with this eCommerce system, you need to have a developer who has optimal knowledge about this program and a strong budget. Another problem with Magento is that it doesn’t allow any mistakes as you just end up making things even more complicated for you and your website.

2) Magento Developers Are Hard to Find

Once we know about the importance of the know-how one needs to possess before developing Magento, developers gain a higher importance in this process, which leads to our next disadvantage. Developers who are well versed with Magento are not very easily available due to the system’s complex nature and the ones who are, are somewhat expensive.

This means only those who have a good budget can afford to use them, to make sure that the job is excellently done. If you choose to go for a lousy developer who doesn’t have a good knowledge about Magento, the end result won’t be great.

3)Community can Lead You to a Crossroad

Though Magento has a very strong community with a good network and ample information available, it can be a little confusing also. At times, the plugins which are released do not work in both the versions.

There are also cases where the information had turned out to be outdated, which further confused people about the functioning of this system. The limited documentation and sometimes inaccurate information reinforce the fact that this open community can be misleading at times.

4) It Doesn’t Serve the Smaller Businesses Well

As this system is a complex one and needs a high budget, it definitely isn’t for businesses on the smaller side as when it comes to dealing with the complex features, everyone is baffled, and be it the developers or the customers who visit the website.

Also, usually, smaller companies are on a lower budget and cannot afford the expensive developers or web hosting environments. If we compare it to other eCommerce systems like Shopify and Prestashop, they serve to be a better option for the small scale businesses due to their easy-to-understand nature and the requirement for a relatively low budget.

5) Requires Great Hosting Environment

There have been problems about Magento’s speed and though it can work very quickly and without crashing, these complaints come due to the use of a regular server which isn’t of a very high quality. This means that if you want Magento to work the way you want without causing any problems in the process, you must employ a great hosting environment, which usually is expensive.

These are a few of the pros and cons that accompany Magento. It definitely is one of the most indisputable systems but is tailor made only for companies which are medium or big and can handle complex features. It is easily customizable and has a valuable network of people working with it, but at the same time, you need a helping hand to guide you through.

Wrapping Up:

This comparison between Magento’s advantages and disadvantages just points out that you need not consider how good or bad Magento is in general; you need to focus on what are your business and website requirements and then take your call.

If you want to convert PSD to Magento, I suggest you to take help from a company that provides Magento development services. With the help of their experts, you can get the best PSD to Magento Conversion at pocket friendly prices.

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One thought on “Magento: What Are Advantages/Disadvantages For Business

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    Justin Spencer

    Great article. Magento is definitely a good choice if one is going for an e-commrce website. I agree that it will take some time to get into your mind but once it gets there, there will be no one to stop you. Thanx for the post!!

    28th January 2015

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