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Microsoft officially released its new web browser, Microsoft Edge in July this year. It is now available as the default browser for the users of Windows 10 OS.
Besides the PC, the new browser will also be available for smartphones and tablets loaded with Windows 10. However, this new browser will not be available for previous Windows versions.

The Edge has been designed as a lightweight browser that is built in compliance with the web standards. It includes layout engine and annotation tools that give it a technological superiority. With a minimal interface, it allows users to focus more on the web content. The settings provide users with several simple toggles for turning features on and off. Microsoft Edge also offers an intuitive navigation making a user’s life simple and more exciting.

Let’s explore some of the astounding features that this new browser can offer to the users.

Features of Microsoft Edge

Reading View:How often you get irritated with the unwanted ads that come loaded with your favorite column or blog on the web? Microsoft Edge has the answer now. Choose the Reading View and you will get only content on your page minus ads, navigation bars and everything. You can enjoy reading and there is nothing to distract you.
The Hub:It can be split into four submenus. These are Favorites, Downloads, Reading List and History. Microsoft Edge gives you a flexible way to create sub folders with the drag and drop feature. Users can move folders and can adjust items dynamically.
Web Notes:Unbelievable but true! Microsoft Edge allows you to scribble notes on a web page. It takes snapshots of the static pages and empowers you with a digital pen, eraser and highlighter for making a note on the page. Users can also add typed notes to the page and can save web pages as an image file to their favorites or the reading list.
How it will have an impact on responsive structure?

Undoubtedly, the Microsoft Edge is better designed for the modern web. It is lightweight and loads faster with its layout engine or EdgeHTML, and this is one important reason why it is more responsive. Moreover, it drops support for the legacy technologies, such as ActiveX, and with the minimalist design, it significantly improves the browsing experience, irrespective of the size of the devices.

Besides enhancing the user experience, the Edge has several new capabilities for developers, encouraging them for the responsive designing. A developer can now edit the HTML and CSS on the live pages. Its debugger tool allows developers to evaluate the performance of codes and they can also add breakpoints as well as other variables to enhance the reading experience of the JavaScript. The Edge also comes with the Network Tool that allows checking of the network requests that may be involved in the page loading. All these contribute in the designing of fast and responsive web pages.

What is the expected market share?

With the Edge, Microsoft reenters into the web browser market to offer a competition to Firefox and Chrome. For Windows 10 users, Microsoft Edge is becoming more popular, as it is faster than IE11. Windows 10 allows both browsers Edge and IE11, and the use of Microsoft Edge is picking up gradually. According to a report by Netmarketshare, Microsoft Edge is expected to get 2% of the web traffic across all desktop and mobile platforms. However, the Windows 10 OS is not very old and with the growing number of users of this Microsoft Operating System, the market share of the Edge will also grow significantly, as it is the default browser for Windows 10.

How we can help in resolving the issues?

If your website is still not ready for the new Microsoft Edge, MarkupBox is ready to offer help and make your site load faster on this new web browser. The professionals of the company know how to use the Performance Tool, Memory Tool and Emulation Tool in the Edge to turn your website more responsive. We offer Windows 10 testing of your website to help find if your website has been optimized for loading fast on the Microsoft Edge browser.

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