Is PSD To HTML Dead in Modern Times?

There is hype about ‘PSD to HTML/HTML5’ saying it’s dead. Some people say that why would they waste time to convert Photoshop file to a web page when they can get ready-made themes from WordPress and get it done in minutes. Valid point! However, is it valid enough to announce ‘PSD to HTML is dead’? Let’s discuss then.

Although the popularity of PSD to HTML conversion is not huge. But it is still used by many web developers to design a good website in minimum budget. In fact, when you design a website (by using available tools) in the browser, it takes all your technical skills and perfect knowledge of HTML, CSS etc.

Therefore, many of the web developers get good results when PSDs are offered to them rather than trying to build everything in the browser from the ground up.

Why do we do PSD to HTML conversion?


In a regular web designing process, a designer starts with the concept in Photoshop. Then he gets inputs from the client and makes appropriate changes until he gets the final nod. After client’s green signal, it’s the designer’s or the front-end developer’s  job to convert the Photoshop PSD file into live webpage with HTML, CSS, jQuery and JavaScript.

psd to html

Advantages of PSD to HTML conversion:


There are few obvious reasons why PSD to HTML is a good practice-

1) Enhances Visibility for the Search Engines

2) Flexible Structures for SEO

3) Glitch-free Websites

4) Compatible with browsers.

5) Better user experience.

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Wait, isn’t it dead already?


Now, the question arises what is the need of such a lengthy process when you can build your website on the browser itself. As mentioned above, that’s a valid point and it seems to be the right choice when you are in a hurry.

However, this requires particular skill-sets. Mainly, apart from having technical knowledge about HTML, CSS, etc. you also need to be creative and experienced enough to build a website that will bring you revenue.

The following were the possible reasons for its low popularity in traditional times:

1) PSD to HTML workflow was slow and complex for web developers.

2) Websites were designed in the browser.

3) Developers found need for using web design software.

psd to html

So, what’s required?


Designing a quality website in the browser requires a good feeling for website aesthetics, a pro-level understanding of colors, typography, accessibility and usability. Even you need to grow a strong idea about user psychology. In a nutshell, you should have the combined skills of a marketer, a developer as well as a designer to build an interactive website on the browser.

psd to html

Ready to lose your uniqueness?


Apart from the skills required to build a website on browser, you will have to sacrifice on your uniqueness as well. A website, build with ready-made themes can never fulfill your entire proposition. However, when your designer is framing it from the scratch, you have all the freedom to decorate your pages just the way you want.

This is why PSD to HTML is not dead. In-fact not even close to death. A survey says, 90% of the pro-level developers prefer to design the PSD first and then start coding.

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Wrapping up:


Having said that, it should not be an issue of condolence or debate that PSD to HTML is dead or not. This process is certainly still here in the web development industry, and is being used at large scale by many established organizations.

Therefore, let’s come to a clear conclusion that PSD to HTML5 is a worthy approach for current designers and developers and the workflow is rather adopted and evolved for the cost-effective website creation.

A reliable service provider is always helpful in converting PSD to HTML files for you. Markupbox is one such service provider that provides faster turnaround time and expert conversion services in India since last 11 years.

For any further queries, you can Consult with our PSD to HTML conversion experts anytime to get an estimate for your next development project.

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2 thoughts on “Is PSD To HTML Dead in Modern Times?

  1. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    very informative article. Thanks for sharing the article

    3rd October 2018
  2. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    very informative article. Thanks for sharing the article

    3rd October 2018

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