Ideas of using CSS for a Better Web Presence

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There are tons of websites on the web. However, not every website enjoys fame and success. In order to make a splendid web presence, it is imperative to design a quality website with visually appealing design and layout and a large number of user friendly features. Developing a good website is certainly not an easy task. It not only requires time and efforts, but it also demands great skills and experience. In today’s time there are many solutions available which help in designing a perfect website. CSS or cascading style sheet is one of them. It is a highly advanced programming language which helps in the construction of user friendly and light web pages. With the effective use of CSS and its features, one can give a great web presence to his website.

One of the best features of CSS is that it helps in separating the style from the content. This allows for the creation of lighter web pages. CSS is an amazing language which if used appropriately and effectively, helps in the generation of highly quality, visually appealing and profitable web pages. All this ensures a great web presence for a website. With the help of some good CSS tricks you can work wonders for your website.

You can apply shadows to content boxes. This is a simple and a very effective trick. With this trick you can use the power of CSS to position a content box from a shadow background. You can generate the shadow using either semi-transparent GIFS or 24bit PNGS. This ensures that the shadow ‘blends’ well into its background.

Another things you can do is use pure CSS tabbed user interface. It is quite popular. Moreover, if you implement it correctly, it will prove to be very beneficial in guiding users through the navigation. In other trick, you can invert the tabs to blend into a page header. In browsers such as Mozilla and Opera, this navigation menu uses position:fixed so that the menu is always available.

CSS gives you liberty to customize things. You can play with the font styles. You can manipulate the text in a number of ways. It helps in achieving great design effects using pure CSS. Using Spiky CSS boxes, you can work round browser implementation issues to generate spiky CSS boxes. This problem is due to different interpretations of ‘what’ color goes under the dots/dashes in a border style.

Using CSS you can also have boxed links for navigation. You can also use CSS to create the hover effect on non links. Using CSS you can also prevent elements from disappearing in IE. Sometimes IE behaves in a strange manner and makes some elements disappear. And these elements appear when you try to make a selection. This happens because there are some IE issues with float elements. However, you can fix this by adding position:relative; to elements that disappear.

Another useful but lesser known CSS trick is small caps text. It capitalizes all the letters of text but the size of letters following the first letter of each word is smaller than the first letter. You can also remove image border. The hyperlinks of images usually get a ugly blue border that makes the image hyperlinks look bad. Therefore, you should remove the border on all hyper-linked images and add individually to those you want using CSS classes.

You can also highlight acronym and abbr tags. Acronym and abbr tags provide useful information to users, browsers and search engines about acronyms and abbreviations, but most of the browsers except Firefox do not highlight them. However, you can use the following trick to highlight acronym and abbr tags within your web page.

  • acronym,abbr{
  • border-bottom:1pxdotted#333;
  • cursor:help;

By keeping in mind the above mentioned CSS tricks, you can easily enhance your web presence and ensure good success for your website in terms of traffic volume, search engine ranking, sales rate and ROI.

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