Top 7 Reasons to Use HTML5 For Web Development

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HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language has become synonymous with web development with a majority of the websites being built using this language. HTML5, which is the latest in the line of this markup language, has taken the world of web development into a completely new era, unleashing superior technology that’s been helping us make websites more interactive and visually attractive.


Putting Flash’s future in a fix, HTML5 has given a severe blow to native application development as websites built using HTML5 can now offer the same level of experience to the users as native apps. So, HTML development services is a new way forward.

Why HTML5?

why html5

1) Simplifies Coding


This markup language does away with long codes and simplifies web development. For example, in the previous version of the markup language, doctype was defined as:

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN"

It’s now defined as:

<!doctype html>

2) Audio/Video Support


When it came to developing websites with audio and video elements developers faced issues with the previous version of HTML which wasn’t very friendly with multimedia elements. But all that has changed with HTML5 which has introduced the END tags. The video tag helps play the videos on the website with the help of any external element. Video tag offers full control of the video to the user. Speech Input and the Text to Speech APIs in HTML5 also improve the experience of the users.

3) Good for Game development


Images and graphics are vital to the success of any website and Canvas element in HTML5 comes to the aid of web developers. This allows dynamic scripting and rendering of 2D shapes and bitmap images in a website. Developers can easily draw images using this tool which can also be used to create animations to make the website appear visually attractive. Apart from this developers can also be easily scalable vector graphics into the website.

4) Search Engine Friendly


HTML5 codes extremely search engine friendly and adhere to the standards laid down by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). This helps developers increase the online visibility of the website and attract highly targeted traffic thus improving the conversion rate.

html development services

5) Geolocation


This is one of the most revolutionary improvements in HTML5 allowing the browser to detect the location of the user with their permission and cater to their specific needs. For instance, if a user is searching for gas stations on the Internet, this technology can deliver him/her the nearest gas stations. It also helps render an appropriate version of the website in multi-lingual websites.

6) Mobile Support


Mobile web is the burning topic in the world of web development. HTML5 has been developed keeping smartphones in mind. It is very easy to develop websites using HTML5 which run on all the smartphone platforms in the world. This has been further helped by the new version of the Cascading Style Sheet, CSS3, which allows developers to build responsive websites.

7) Smart Forms


Forms are an integral part of any modern website and HTML5 has come out with considerable improvements in its form filling in what is being dubbed as the smart forms. Data validation has been improved giving users an enriching experience as they find it extremely easy to submit data on a website.

Area of Concern In HTML 5 Development:


However, it would be quite wrong to tag HTML5 as a flawless markup language as its own set of problem areas with browser fragmentation being one of them. In fact, many developers have termed this as the biggest causes of concern with the robust markup language.

In a recent survey conducted by Kendo UI, a staggering 71% respondents raised concerns about the browser fragmentation issue. Many older versions of browsers don’t render HTML5 websites properly which is concerning developers.

Apart from this, there are also issues with RIAs and their licensing. Rich Internet Applications need to be compressed in multiple formats in order to be compatible with most browsers.

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All in one HTML5 has changed the dynamics of web development allowing developers to create visually pleasing as well as functionally dynamic websites. And we’ll hopefully see many improvements in this markup language as we go along as it is the future of web development.

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html development services

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