HTML5 impact on PSD to HTML Conversion

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For those who are using any open source Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or any other, PSD to HTML is an important process that allows people to run a full-fledged website or web portal. In fact, PSD to HTML conversion is a process to convert a theme which is created on Photoshop on the open source Content Management System that you are using. First the Photoshop design is converted into HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) which then is integrated on the CMS. Without writing the theme in markup language, it is not possible to integrate the same with your open source CMS, be it WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

SEO friendly semantic coding, Cross-browser compatibility, User-friendliness, feasibility to arrange the content and the web pages, ease of developing customized appearance, etc are some of the advantages ensured by the conversion. Besides, the process is simple. However, it requires some technical knowledge about the open source CMS you are using and the markup language. If you are not comfortable to execute the conversion by yourself, you can always hire expert professional, who will design a beautiful Photoshop design for you and integrate the same with your CMS giving exclusive appearance to your website.

Due to all these advantages, the need for PSD to HTML conversion has always been in tremendous demand. The HTML language has always been the first choice of developers around the globe for scripting web pages. However, with the coming of HTML5, the scenario has started changing now. The official release of HTML5 has augmented the discussions on the comparison between both the versions across the world. People have been divided into two segments. Some prefer PSD to HTML and while some other PSD to HTML5.

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Since the HTMl5 is the latest approved version of the markup language by Word Wide Consortium, it is best suitable with the latest advancement in web Development technology ensuring smooth operation of your website.

Thus, feasibility to create mobile phone supported websites, tremendous audio and video support, highly interactive website creation tools, excellent storage capacity, and improved accessibility are the advantages that have attracted people to use HTML5 rather than HTML.

As per the usage statistics 2017 and market share of HTML5, it is used by 63.5% of all the websites. One of the surveys shows following historical trend in the percentage of websites using HTML5:


HTML5 market position in terms its traffic and popularity compared to other popular markup languages is shown below:

ml-html5 (1)

In this blog, we are going to find out key advantages that are forcing developers to shift their focus to PSD to HTML5 conversion.Read these advantages below:

psd to html5

Top Features Incorporated in HTML5:

Flexibility to draw on a 2D, incorporation of audio and video files straight into your web page, etc are some of these advantages. Besides, Geo-location tool and local storage are some other features that compel a developer to prefer HTML5.

Search Engine Friendly:

There are several semantic codes which can be executed with HTML5 making your site search engine friendly. While using HTMl5, all the elements of the web pages are indexed in such a manner that the site is easily found by the search engine crawlers.

Cross Browser Compatibility:

HTML5 ensure optimum Cross-browser compatibility ensuring your site is viewed on all the major browsers.


HTML5 is blessed with a unique feature to streamlining the JavaScript and CSS files that ensure minimum load time enabling your web pages to appear quickly.

However, it would be wrong to call the difference of opinion as Cold War, as many experts do. HTML5 is an advanced version of HTML language, which obviously comes with several advantages. HTML5 is more flexible and adaptable than HTML and hence it is being widely preferred by people. Preferring HTML5 never means that the older versions are of no use. It is just that human tend to be inclined towards the things which are more flexible and convenient. So, HTML5 has will not affect the PSD to HTML conversion market upto great extent.

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