How to Secure Your WordPress Business WebSite

If you are in a need of an easy to use website to grow your business then WordPress is the first and last option for you. The performance of WordPress is best for building a small business website. Due to its ease of use and popularity it has become a basic target for hackers.

So in this article I will be giving some general tips on the steps for keeping your WordPress powered website protected from these malicious hackers. Following some simple steps will provide an ultimate protection support against hackers and other potential threats.

1. Maintain your WordPress website with the updates of Plugins and Widgets:-

WordPress Plugin and widget update

If you are using the latest version of WordPress then it must be carrying several vulnerabilities or bugs which can be used by the hackers to gain access to your system. But WordPress is a clever fellow in the job of fixing vulnerabilities with the new software updates.

So it is much important that you must go with the flow of their updates. You can the same thing with your widget or plugin which you have installed on your site to Secure your WordPress business website.

2. Change the default username ‘admin’ and create a new one with admin privileges:-

Change default admin user and add new with previleges


When you first install the WordPress app the ‘admin’ username is created by default. Most of the users don’t bother to change it and creates an easy way for the hackers to hack the website.

This is one of the excellent security measures which must be taken to stop the brute force attack of WordPress wp-login.php. It is one of the important step to secure your WordPress business website

3. Create and use complex passwords:-



Hackers use many algorithm and tricks to crack the password codes. Many of the hacking processes are dictionary based which in result bypasses your password if you are using a simple one.

Complex passwords are hard to crack. You must create a password of minimum 8 characters consisting of the special combination of numbers and characters.

Stay InformedFree Vs Premium WordPress Themes

4. Change the file structure:-

Change file structure

Actually this is the only step where you will be requiring help of some professional designer or WordPress programmers  if you are not one. Hackers specifically target WordPress sites by scanning all over the web for wp directories such as wp-admin in the URL’s.

So you can avoid being hacked by changing the common directory naming convention.

5. Add a validation constraint with Plugins or security shield which prevents 5 login attempts :-

Bloc user after 3 wrong login attempts

All of you are regular user of internet and familiar with the validation of getting blocked after 5 wrong login attempts. Actually this process is an effective process of tracking password where hackers try to get it by using different permutation and combination and finally generating it correctly. You can add this validation with the use of a plugin.

6. Install WordPress Security Plugins:-

Security plugins installation is one of the most effective and easy ways to keep hackers and cyber criminals at bay. You can follow below Infographic to understand the different WP security plugins and their features:



These points can help a long way to protect your WordPress business site from getting hacked. You have to stay alert and repair WordPress pitfalls and crashing. If you have any query related to WordPress security, you can contact MarkupBox: A leading WordPress development company.

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10 thoughts on “How to Secure Your WordPress Business WebSite

  1. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Very useful! Thank you for posting!

    12th April 2017
  2. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Very helpful article. Definitely going to share it with my friends. Thanks..

    11th March 2015
  3. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    These are really helpful security measures that you have presented here. Thanks a lot..

    5th March 2015
  4. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Rightly said Robin. Hackers todays are doing these illegal activities just for fun or to get into the eyes of others. So, if these measures are going to increase the security then it would be great help.

    24th February 2015
  5. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Securing your website is a must thing in todays world as there are many hackers who will try to hack your website just to gain attention. And this will be a loss on your side. So, this knowledge that has been shared here is definitely going to help to save your website. Thanks!!

    18th February 2015
  6. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    I had been having a lot of security issues with my wordpress blog. Hope that these measures are going to help. I knew about changing admin name and passwords, but I was not aware about the change of file structure. Thanks!

    10th February 2015
  7. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    I have tried these security measures and they really helped me a lot. Thanks Justin!!

    2nd February 2015
  8. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    My website is developed on wordpress and it have been hacked once, after bringing it back to work i searched on the web that how to secure the wordpress. Then i got to your post and it proved really beneficial. Thanx..

    29th January 2015
    • Avatar for Justin Spencer
      Justin Spencer

      I agree with you Jody, these measures are of great help. Thanks a ton Justin for the post.

      4th February 2015
  9. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    These are the real security issues that one can face using wordpress. The precautions that are provided above can definitely improve the security of the wordpress.

    27th January 2015

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