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How is PSD to XHTML Beneficial?

In order to create a pixel perfect website that can also appeal to the major search engines, an efficient PSD to XHTML conversion is always desirable. The conversion often paves the way to build a unique website that can achieve high ranks on leading search engines. One of the major advantages of this conversion is in terms of the W3C validity that XHTML coded web pages can easily achieve. Besides, the website can gain a cross-browser compatibility and can be mobile-friendly with greater search engine optimization capabilities. The conversion, however, may offer several types of complicated challenges, but experienced coders can use their knowledge and expertise in doing the conversion in an error-free manner.

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What is PSD to XHTML Conversion?

XHTML is a fast and cross-browser compatible markup language. By converting a PSD image to XHTML, developers can develop a search-engine optimized and lightweight website. The table-less handcoded XHTML codes allow web pages to be accessible through a variety of devices available in the market. An XHTML coded web design features good structural functionality and at the same time, the CSS2 enhances the content presentation on the web.

The top advantages of PSD to XHTML conversion

Cross-browser compatibility: The XHTML code is multi-browser compatible and thus can be used to create web pages that could be accessed through different web browsers. Different browsers can easily read the XHTML code, allowing images and web content to appear on the web in the best possible manner. Thus, irrespective of the device and the browser available, one can experience a uniform display of content on the web.

W3C Validation: The XHTML code follows the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards and establishes the reliability of web pages in the digital marketplace. The web pages with XHTML codes are always 100% W3C validated.

Table-Less & Clean Structure: With a table-less structure, it is more simple and effortless to place images on the web pages. Moreover, a clean structure makes web pages lighter and they load faster on the web, allowing your website to gain more visibility among your audience.

SEO-Friendly Coding: The 100% Semantic coding makes it more SEO-friendly with the maximum placement of keywords. The handcoded XHTML allows to create pixel perfect and error-free web pages that are optimized for the search engine ranking. The website can easily achieve a higher search engine ranking and can gain better visibility among the visitors.

How does Markup box help with the required services?

Markup box has a team of talented coding experts who have enormous knowledge in the field of PSD to XHTML/HTML5 conversions and CSS/XHTML coding. The company’s coders are proficient in converting PSD images to XHTML & CSS2, and they can overcome any complicated and sophisticated challenge to complete your project on time and with efficiency. Markup box leverages on the most recent technologies to meet their clients’ requirements with 100% satisfaction. With their extensive knowledge in HTML5, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery, they boast of delivering handcoded, search engine optimized and responsive web designs for their clients.

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