Drupal A Framework! Let’s know how it works

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Whether one is developing a new website or experimenting with Drupal as a framework it is important to consider that every framework has its limitations. There is no such concept like 100% limitation free framework. A common problem faced with Drupal usage is finding what is easy and what is difficult to implement in it. Many developers term Drupal as more of a tool than a framework. This has been stated even by Drupal community developers who often ask the question as to why Drupal being a CMS is not flexible enough to manage content. It is a tough framework to work on and this has led people to believe that certain features in Drupal makes it unsuitable for web applications. Drupal works on nodes and is an excellent framework for implementing plug-ins. Everything is available in its database which makes it easier to handle and manage the features, date, image, event, news and other nodes. Developers can specify each node and build their own events, news, etc. suiting exact specifications.


Drupal serves itself in building a CMS for various needs. It is the most high-level framework that will allow you to build a customized CMS Framework. Your needs and specifications are rightly understood by Drupal framework which allows you to define and structure menus.

Developers who plan and build website utilities with the help of Drupal have various ways of expressing their opinion about Drupal as a framework. Content based tasks are easy to achieve by simply logging into Drupal, hitting the admin page and clicking on menus to reach a proper administration page. Drupal delivers plug-ins that are different from other frameworks. Drupal is extremely beneficial in expanding a website’s overall performance and functionality.

Times have changed and so have content presentation, web page and styles. Websites have become dynamic which has led to dynamic storage of content necessary. Drupal has PHP as its logic for programming commands and a viable MySQL for maintaining its database. Drupal is very secured and this is greatly compatible with Linux operating systems. Drupal frameworks use a series of queries that are used in matching content to page addresses. Drupal framework structure applies a modified address structure to give unique ID, number and batch to pages’ content. Drupal combines words with unique Ids to make a superior CMS system.

In order to implement finest work Drupal developers need to thoroughly understand account management, dynamic codes, sophisticated functionalities and several years of experience. It is necessary to understand what works and what are the loopholes in Drupal deliver dynamic web pages with efficient Web applications.

Developers must have in-depth knowledge about ‘Nodes’. Every single content type is stored as nodes in Drupal. Blog entries, articles, polls, images, posts and pages are regarded as nodes in Drupal. Comments are left aside from this list. Drupal Node Module lets a developer manage this variety of nodes. This treatment makes Drupal framework be distinct in creating new content types. It becomes an easy process to include latest features and make changes in content with the help of Drupal Node Module Management. Treating every item as different kind of nodes lets smooth operation of fields. Editing, Deletion, settings, display and creation are managed well in a Drupal framework.

Another ‘Safe’ feature in Drupal is its ‘User Permission’ which is made by Node modules. Permissions page has roles that define each content type in every page.

In order to understand Drupal one needs to know what a ‘hook’ is in this framework. This means knowing where things exist and how you need to perform to complete your tasks. There must be understanding of custom codes, communication with websites through API and getting to know how to implement small applications in order to run background tasks within a Drupal framework.

In spite of being a CMS, Drupal works in lines that are superior in complexity as a CMS. A Drupal framework is able to perform and communicate via web applications that expand its functionality and reach. Drupal can handle large traffic and incorporate front-end languages. It effectively utilises server technologies that can be rightly channelized into creating greater innovations. Hooks are important including bootstrapping for websites. Easy usability and platform compatibility are features that are determined by hooks. Thorough knowledge is important to know how hooks work.  Drupal furnishes questions when browsers hit on web pages. This process of questioning is called bootstrapping. Hooks are small tools of functions. Commands are able to run hooks in desired manner. Hooks are important to give character, feel and look of a website.

Drupal tools are boosted by Hooks that define, create and overthrow website structures. Website owners must understand how to manage the wide range of tools present in a Drupal framework.

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One thought on “Drupal A Framework! Let’s know how it works

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    Justin Spencer

    Drupal is considered to be flourishing the CMS market. Moreover it is competing with Joomla, WordPress and Magento and giving a hard fight. Let us see what happens. As far I can predict the market will be populated with e-Commerce portals and shops they will get a strong ground to show their flexibility with their performance, flexibility and speed. Let’s see who wins this battle.

    20th January 2015

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