Different Sort of CSS Hacks: Finest Choices of Web Designers

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Designing and developing a brilliant website is a challenge for web developers. They need to work on really strict strategies to get the things done in effective manner, at the same time number of tools & components are required to make the things work in adequate manner.

One of such tools is CSS hacks, which is used by the web developers for dealing the common yet major problems of same behavior and outlook of their output on different browsers. Despite of the negative undertone of term hack, the CSS hacks are being openly and widely used by the end users. The key reason behind this is the qualities of these tools to allow your browser to act in the way the website owner wishes. This is graceless method of dealing with the specific browser bugs. With the help of CSS hacks, developers can implement diverse regulations in a particular browser.

The finest feature of CSS hacks includes usage of various filters to diversify the rules for different browsers. For example if you have to apply one specific rule to one browser and different rule for another one then this can be done by using filters.

Following are the different types of CSS hacks for web designers and developers:

Child Selector Hack:

The child selector hack is used to hide rules from Internet explorer 6 and its below versions on windows. The reason behind implementing the child selector is to hide rules from the browsers, which simply fall short in understanding the plainly convincing regulations. At the time of implementing the child selector filter the web developers must take care of the certain important things in order to make it function properly. There should be no white space left before and after the child sector. Using this filter in adequate manner ensures the longer compatibility and performance of the same.

Attribute Selector Hack:

After the child selector another important way of filtering the rules and regulations for browsers is application of Attribute selector hack. This is implemented for the versions of Internet explorer up to 6th edition as they don’t support this filter unlike Firefox, Safari etc. In addition to that, this filter can also be used for the purpose of structuring modules and IDs for highly developed web-browsers.  This is one of the hand-picked web methods for filtering process by the web developers.

Star HTML hack:

Star HTML hack is one of the highly appreciated and adopted factors for easy and trouble-free filtering. Web developers are in awe of this filter as it is very easy to remember and the reason behind is the basic characteristics of HTML as the basic route elements of webpage. With the help of HTML filters it becomes easy for the developers to target, route and filters the different web elements. This is mainly used for the IE6 and below versions of the same for windows. This hack is also rated as one of the safe way of filtering the web pages.

IE/Mac Commented Backslash Hack:

The main reason behind naming this filter as IE/Mac commented backslash hack is that in Mac system internet explorer5 version Mac erroneously permits dodging inside the remarks, thus these hacks are implemented by placing backslash in the front of close-point of comment identifier. This mainly persists in IE5 for Mac as other browsers don’t bother much about the escape. This hack is rated as one of the finest trick to target and hit the particular window bugs.

The escaped property hack:

The implementation of escaped property filter is done for 5th version of internet explorer as this generally overlooks the escape characters. This filter works by putting an escape character inside property. This is easy method for the developers, all they require is to take notice of the fact that this filter should not appear between ‘0 to 9’ or A to F.   The best thing about the escaped property hack is that it offers the uncomplicated method of trouncing IE 5.

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