Convert PSD to Drupal In 3 Simple Ways

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Drupal is among the most flexible and convenient free CMS. However, Drupal is distributed under General Public License and open source Content Management System (CMS), which is “Powering Millions of Websites and Applications”. It is maintained by a community of more than 630,000 users and developers. Their efforts have made Drupal among the best CMS available in present time.

Converting PSD to Drupal Theme is an exciting option that allows you to distinguish your websites from others. PSD to Drupal conversion is a simple process and can be executed quickly. You can also consider hiring an expert for the job. There are some finest organizations available in the market that offers effective and affordable PSD to Drupal Conversion services using various scripting languages such as HTML and CSS.

The entire process to convert PSD to Drupal can be understood in three different sections, these are:

1)  Work in Photoshop


– Photoshop is among the best image editing software. Open a PSD file in the software.

– Slice the image into layers. The slicing process can be start with ‘Slice Tool’ Tab in Toolbar.

– Keep all the sliced imaged in one folder. It is always recommended to keep image folder with themes’ folder.

Keep the background transparent as it will help you to change the same when required. If the slices are adjacent to object, you will find it easy to place them accurately. Save the document in RGB and not in CYMK.

2)  Work on HTML

html new

– Code the images in HTML and save the page with the tile – ‘home.html’.

– You are also supposed to create a new page – ‘style.css’ and add CSS to the same.

– Now you will have to make divisions so that you can design the pages and define the positioning of your content on the site.

– You can make these divisions as .aincontent, .rightcontent, .topnav, .topcontent and footerlogin.

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3)  Integrate Drupal Theme on HTML

drupal integration

– Download the latest version of Drupal and start converting the HTML into Drupal.

– You will have to create new folders to store the themes file.Open the theme folder you just created simultaneously with ‘page.tpl.php’.

– Save ‘page.tpl.php’ in front of the tag and save these changes in new file named as – ‘page.tpl.php’.

– Create a new theme directory and place the changes you just made in previous step in ‘style.css’.

– Create a new page – ‘template.php’ and rename the theme which is optional.

Once you convert PSD to Drupal Theme, the simple user interface of Drupal allow you customize the content on the site easily. Though the entire process of the conversion is easy, but you should have enough knowledge about the CMS to ensure everything is executed smoothly. If you are not confident, it is always suggested to hire expert Drupal Developers as they will quickly and perfectly convert customized PSD to Drupal in affordable cost.

Benefits of PSD to Drupal theme conversion:



Drupal comes with thousands of apps and modules that help user arrange content i.e. Text, Images, Graphics, Videos, etc on the site; monitor content from other users on the site; promote site with the help of Drupal’s integrated SEO friendly mechanism.

Drupal is easy to install, implement and allows user to customize their site the way they want. By converting PSD to Drupal, you can distinguish your site with the customized PSD and at the same time, take advantage of the Drupal unlimited capabilities.

You can design Community Portals, Corporate Websites, News Publishing, eCommerce Websites, Education Site, Social Networking Sites, etc with Drupal.

New York Observer, AOL Corporate, San Jose State University, MTV UK, etc. are some of the prominent clients who are using Drupal for their websites.

There are various advantages of hosting a site with Drupal. You can choose any of the themes available and can instantly go online with your business, ideas or concepts. PSD to Drupal theme conversion is an awesome way instead.


So we have seen the 3 major steps involved in conversion process of PSD to Drupal along with various benefits from it. These steps will surely help you convert PSD to Drupal theme in a less time. This is an easy way of getting a responsive and feature rich website for your business.

Now, if you are planning to outsource your project to a reliable Drupal development company then feel free to contact us. MarkupBox, the leading Drupal development company in India, has a large team of Drupal experts who have successfully delivered more than 900 Drupal projects to 300+ happy clients in last 11 years.

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