Choosing Between Twitter Bootstrap & Foundation Framework In 2017

In 2017, the developers will become even more innovative and creative in offering websites and solutions to their clients. The world will witness imaginative and responsive designs to engage the target audience. When it comes to invent result-driven designs, an argument of choosing between Bootstrap and the Foundation Framework is gaining ground among the Bootstrap developers of the modern times. Although both are incredible design tools, but there are certain areas where one scores over another and vice-versa.

Pros and Cons of both the frameworks-



Twitter Bootstrap

1. The framework is compatible with all new and old browsers and their latest versions as well.

2. The version 2.0 is perfect for responsive web design, allowing web pages to be accessed uniformly though a variety of devices.

3. Bootstrap 3.0 is a mobile-ready framework, allowing to create applications with ultra-responsive designs for mobile devices

4. It offers LESS style sheets for implementing functions, operators and other variables. It can allow in-depth changes through LESS declarations

5. Bootstrap is an open-source platform for developers to contribute and support each other.


Foundation Framework

1. The framework is compatible with all major web browsers.

2. With a partial compatibility, it allows some basic information of a site to be accessible through all kinds of devices as well as browsers.

3. The version 2.0 can be used for responsive web design.

4. The version 3.0 offers customized features for developers.

5. Foundation is an open-source framework and a large community of developers can contribute to the growth of the platform.

6. It comes with a flexible grid layout with 940-pixel wide framework for fully responsive design creations.

7. The framework is fully customizable with responsive design elements, but it doesn’t fully support HTML and CSS3. This is a kind of limitation that many developers may not appreciate.


So, both of them have own set of features and advantages. How will you select between one of them? Well, there could be certain aspects that can make your selection easier. For example, if you want to create a website that could be accessible via old browsers like IE 8, you can better rely on Bootstrap. But if you are more interested to create mobile-ready sites, the Foundation could be more suitable for you. However, both the frameworks have the tools and features that can allow you to create impressive and  responsive  websites in 2017.

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