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After spending two years in the making, Bootstrap CSS has just released its first beta version of Bootstrap 4.

During a two-year long duration, Bootstrap team has brought a plethora of changes. They have broken all the things at least twenty-seven times over with nearly 5,000 commits, 650+ files changed, 67,000 lines added, and 82,000 lines deleted.They have also shipped six major alpha releases.

Bootstrap 4 beta development team has tried its best to keep all the classes, docs URLs and features as they appear now in this release. They are always adding up more new things to latest update.

Click here to download the latest release of Bootstrap 4.

Here, we have highlighted some of its notable features:

1) Advanced Customization Options

All style embellishments viz. shadows, grid classes, gradients, transitions, and more are moved into Sass variables instead of relegating them into a separate stylesheet. Moreover, if you want to have default transitions on everything or want to disable rounded corners then simply update a variable or recompile it.

2) Updated JavaScript Plugins

The bootstrap team has rewritten every plugin in ES6 to get benefits of the new JavaScript enhancements with new teardown methods, new methods, option type checking, and more.

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3)  Improved popovers, dropdowns and auto-placement of tooltips

These have improved with the help of a library known as Popper.js.

4) Improved documentation and redesigning

They have rewritten it all in Markdown and also added few plugins to streamline code snippets and examples to make working with the docs way easier. The team has also added a new search form.

5) Less to Sass migration

Due to Libsass, Bootstrap complies faster now than ever. Moreover, it has joined a large community of Sass developers.

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6) Improved Grid system and Flexbox

Everything is moved to flexbox now. Moreover, a new grid tier is added to better target mobile devices, and completely overhauled our source Sass with better variables, mixins, and now maps, too.

7) New CSS module and Reboot in Bootstrap 4 beta latest update

Normalize.css has taken a different path by dropping core CSS tweaks. Reboot takes the core of Normalize.css and expands it to include more opinionated resets like box-sizing: border-box, margin tweaks, and more all in a single Sass file.

You may click here to get all major changes in its official notification.

What’s new in Bootstrap 4?


Bootstrap 4 latest update is packed with various winsome features:

– New color palette
– Large Sass community
– Introduction of CARDS
– Flex based
– New system fonts
– Improved page layout with stickied navbar and sidebar
– New table of contents

You may also check out the following table for detailed changes in Bootstrap 4:


Image Source: Github

Ending Note:

Bootstrap 4, being in alpha stage, has released its beta version to give you all new features for your next Bootstrap development project. Bootstrap 4 beta latest update deals with no heavy coding and flexible to use. Now,If you are thinking of outsourcing your project then must go for a reliable Bootstrap development company to get quality results for your business growth.

At MarkupBox, we have a large team of Bootstrap developers who have started working on projects using Bootstrap 4 beta. If you need Bootstrap development services for your project then feel free to Contact  Us.

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