Top 9 Advantages of JavaScript

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JavaScript is one of the easiest, versatile and effective languages used to extend functionality in websites. JavaScript Development Services helps in on-screen visual effects and processing and calculating data on web pages with ease. The programming language also helps in extended functionality to websites using third party scripts among several other handy features.

In this blog, we are going the discuss some of the key features of JavaScript.

Here are some key Advantages of JavaScript:

1. JavaScript is a client side language


The JavaScript code is executed on the user’s processor instead of the web server thus it saves bandwidth and load on the web server.

2. JavaScript is an easy language to learn

The JavaScript language is easy to learn and offers syntax that is close to English. It uses the DOM model that provides plenty of predefined functionalities to the various objects on pages making it a breeze to develop a script to solve a custom purpose.

3. JavaScript is comparatively fast for the end user

As the code is executed on the client side, results and processing is completed almost instantly depending on the task (tasks in JavaScript on web pages are usually simple so as to prevent being a memory hog) as it does not need to be processed in the site’s web server and sent back to the user consuming local as well as server bandwidth.

4. Extended functionality to web pages


Third party add-ons like Greasemonkey enable JavaScript developers to write snippets of JavaScript which can execute on desired web pages to extend its functionality. If you use a website and require a certain feature to be included, you can write it by yourself and use an add-on like Greasemonkey to implement it on the web page.

5. No compilation needed

JavaScript does not require compilation process so no compiler is needed. The browser interprets JavaScript as it HTML tags.

6. Easy to debug and test

js debug

The understanding syntax of JavaScript is easy. Any person can learn it very easily and use it to develop dynamic and scalable websites.

7. Platform independent

Any JavaScript-enabled browser can understand and interpret JavaScript code. Any JavaScript code can be executed on different types of hardware a JavaScript program written for.

8. Event-Based Programming language

Being an event-based language, different code segments are executed whenever a certain event occurs in JavaScript. In simple language, a code segment is executed when a user clicks a button or moves a mouse over the object.

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9. Procedural programming capabilities

JavaScript language encompasses all the capabilities of a procedural language. Branching, looping, condition checking are some of those capabilities that can be executed on a web page.

This infographic explains why JavaScript is the programming language of the future:



JavaScript has become a vital need for web development in 2017. However, we have listed out top 9 advantages of JavaScript and an infographic is also attached which can be helpful for your JavaScript development project.

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