Achieving a pixel-perfect markup: 10 important steps of markup outsourcing

For many web design firms and web designing enthusiasts, the outsourcing of markup development services could be an emerging trend. But a firm may lose a control on a web design project following such type of outsourcing, and may end up delaying the project with a significant project cost add-on. This is the reason why one needs to follow some rules of markup outsourcing and maintain a careful approach in selecting an outsource partner. Here are a few tips that can make your task a lot easier, if you want to outsource your markup task to an outsourcer.

Following are the Tips:

1. All instructions must be in bold and capital. Don’t think the outsourcer will be able to read your mind. Try to give all the specs with clear instructions. If the details are missing, it will create scopes for unnecessary modifications and it may delay the project.

2. Make things clear for your markup developer. You are serving as the bridge between your client and the developer. If you can’t understand what your client is expecting from you, you can’t convey the same to your markup developer. So, clear your doubts first and make it clear for the markup outsourcer.

3. Give them examples. What kind of buttons, text links etc you want to include in the project? If you give some examples to your markup developer, the work could be more precise.

4. Use of custom fonts. If you have custom fonts, it’s better to send them and save their time. You may also need to send the license for the premium font to be used on the web.

5. Send them the icons. Icons are new trends to make the appearance more attractive. You can design icons in Photoshop and can place them into smart objects.

6. Deciding the breakpoints. If you have several breakpoints, the developer has to design a number of mock-ups for different screen sizes. It’s better you decide breakpoints for a desktop and the smartphone and this will save the time of your markup developer.

7. Offer designs in PSD files. Many developers won’t mind if you supply your design in a jpeg or a PNG format. But they need to convert it into PSD before they start coding. So if you are providing them a PSD file, you are saving their time.

8. Be in regular touch. It is sensible if you contact the developer on a regular basis and ask for the update. If they will have any question they can ask you back, and this will give you the idea of the project and how it is progressing ahead.

9. The font and the retina display. Remember, today the web designing is not only for a desktop and users will access your website through a variety of devices of different screen sizes. All devices may have different retina displays and you need to decide on the font size that can suitably be accommodated in the display for a better viewing and reading.

10. Avoid per page delivery to save time. If you are running out of time, avoid per page delivery to your client. You need to better focus on the QA and the coding quality, and delivering page by page would mean you need to QA separately before the delivery. This will extend the project delivery time and your project may get delayed.

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3 thoughts on “Achieving a pixel-perfect markup: 10 important steps of markup outsourcing

  1. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Very useful information that you have shared. Thanks..

    16th March 2015
  2. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Many of the points stated above are valid for all the outsourcing services and not only markup outsourcing. Thanks for the share..

    13th March 2015
  3. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    This is a very nice piece of information that you have shared. And bieng a Markup service provider you have shared these tips to stop the project from delaying. Hats off to you.

    12th March 2015

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