7 Reasons Why PSD To WordPress Is Popular Among Businesses

Being the most popular CMS platform, today WordPress owns more than 28% of the top ten million websites over the web. Hence, PSD to WordPress conversion is a good choice for business growth in 2017.

You must know WordPress has grown a lot over last thirteen years. Security, easy customization and great support are some of the main reasons behind it’s popularity among businesses.

A large number of developers and website owners utilize WordPress for creating impressive websites today. Hence, PSD to WordPress conversion has become an important aspect where your Photoshop PSD files are converted to amazing WordPress themes.

Taking a note to the success of WordPress, we are presenting the following statistics of its popularity:

According to Google trends, WordPress is most often searched and used which is shown below through its geographical popularity:

PSD to WordPress

Approximately 76.5 million WordPress blogs are being viewed and commented per month. WordPress releases its latest versions every 152 days on an average. 30% of WordPress sites are running on the latest versions today.

Convert PSD to WordPress

So far we have discussed the popularity of WordPress, it becomes important to have a sound knowledge on PSD too.

Let’s discuss about PSD!

A PSD file is mainly termed as a Photoshop document created by Adobe Photoshop. It simply consists of image files which supports multiple pictures, filters, text, objects, vector paths etc. This file is further used to create custom designs following the conversion process. For this, you just need to open the image file in Photoshop and then start editing operations to get the desirable outcome.

Whether you want a logo design, custom menu skin or unique button design, our developers easily convert PSD to WordPress and help you integrating the same for a responsive website building.

Growing businesses are facing many challenges nowadays. Hence, PSD to WordPress conversion can be used for various business benefits as it plays an important role in digital marketing area too.

psd to wordpress

However, it’s not an easy task to build a website on WordPress even though when you have your design (PSD) ready. Here are the reasons why PSD to WordPress conversion services are so popular these days and why you should go for it too:

1) Free of cost availability
WordPress is an open source CMS and free to use. It is a self hosted blogging platform. You don’t have to pay a cent to download its script. Hence, you can easily install it as soon as you are done with your PSD to WordPress conversion and start establishing your online presence along with the addition of fresh posts into it.

2) Scalability
WordPress is a strong platform with powerful media management and also equipped with high levels of security. Furthermore, it is highly scalable due to its powerful infrastructure, services and resources. Without affecting website functionality, you can add lot of content to its database. It is a great source to reach the new markets and can increase your line of business.

3) Professional Blogging Platform
Out of 60 million WordPress users, professional bloggers use it to share their experience and expertize. Social networking caters to blogs directly and makes it visible to its target audience. Blogs brings more traffic to your website thus generate more revenue to the company. Moreover, While launching a new product, it acts as a natural conduit in the field of marketing. And all these become really easy when you do it on WordPress.

4) Search engine friendly websites
WordPress comes with a numerous in built functionalities that automatically caters to its search engine friendliness. WordPress community have developed SEO plugins as well as options to make on-page SEO. Each page of WordPress website consists of inbuilt meta tag, meta description, meta titles where you just have to insert your desired keywords to make it SEO compliant. As a result, it will help you to connect with your potential customers.

5) Mobile friendly websites
The layouts you get after PSD to WordPress conversion process are more dynamic and responsive to user. Because it can easily adapts to all screen resolutions from desktop to mobile, it is most preferred in website business. WordPress gives you mobile friendly designs which further offers simplified navigation, CTAs, maps, enhanced user experience to the customers.

mobile friendly

6) Pixel perfect designs
You get pixel perfect designs for your website. WordPress with its powerful inbuilt functionality takes care of each pixel being used to the fullest of cleanest and sharpest look of site. WordPress itself utilizes pixels grid for positioning the items of the final images and put it to maximize sharpness of that image. PSD to WordPress conversion makes it possible to have pixel perfect designs which are easily accessible to multiple browsers.

7) E-commerce integration with WordPress
In order to achieve the goal of selling online, WordPress comes with e-commerce plugins which integrate with various different payment gateways to manage the orders and catalogs. You can easily extend your e-commerce site with additional modules and can use various built in marketing tools to sell more. SSL security check up is also provided to it. Developers can do more with wp e-commerce as it consists of hundreds of hooks.

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With so many business benefits of WordPress makes PSD to WordPress conversion becomes a mandate when you are for further business growth. The above discussed reasons would surely help you to lean towards this CMS.

To hire professionals for PSD to WordPress conversion, you can contact to MarkupBox today. We are here to help you always!

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2 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why PSD To WordPress Is Popular Among Businesses

  1. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Thanks for this amazing article.

    Get Easy Solution Of PSD To WordPress Development With Pixlogix Pvt. Ltd.

    6th November 2018
  2. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Thanks for this amazing article.

    Get Easy Solution Of PSD To WordPress Development With Pixlogix Pvt. Ltd.

    6th November 2018

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