7 Reasons Why Node.js is So Popular

Node.js has been developers’ centre of attention ever since its launch. This open source cross-platform runtime environment is written in JavaScript, which makes it an exceptional choice for building real-time apps. Node.js is packed up with features which have helped it become a top choice for dedicated developers when they consider web application development.


Node.js is fast

As Node.js uses  Google’s v8 engine, it’s runtime is really fast. Another good aspect about Node.js is that it makes the running of the coding  much faster than others. Thus, Node.js can increase any framework’s speed. All that Node.js developers need to do is write the program correctly and Node.js apps will adhere to the steps prescribed.

Data streaming in Node.js

HTTP requests and responses are taken as isolated events; however, they are actual data streaming in real. The fact that data streaming wins with Node.js can actually be leveraged by developers to take extraordinary advantage when creating features like – processing files while they are being uploaded. It reduces the entire processing time. The feature is going to benefit the programmers when they are working on real-time video or audio encoding.

Node.js encourages sharing

Node.js encourages sharing as it contains the Node Package Manager or NPM. It includes the repository of 50,000 packages, which helps developers to create effective solutions. With it’s inbuilt NPM, developers and programmers can update, share or reuse codes very easily. Therefore, it can be stated that Node.js package manager is robust and a consistent solution for developers.


Highly productive

The productivity of a web application increases several times with Node.js as a lot of time is saved in between the lines. Merging the front-end and back-end into a single entity makes it very much efficient. That also implies a lesser number of employees and more profit on the business side.

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Fast data streaming

Input/Output bound apps are at a great advantage with the way streams are managed in node.js. Data Streaming is one of the most powerful applications of node.js given that there are very few to choose from. As the majority of data that come into the systems are in the form of streams, a lot of time can be saved during this process. The ultimate aim is to utilize the time during another operation, and node.js facilitates the same.

Node.js serves as proxy server

Node.js has effective features that can be employed to proxy a number of services with differences in their response time. It can also be used to stream the data from different sources. For example, if a server-side application is employed for communicating with third party resources, storing images or collecting data additionally, then Node.js can be used as proxy server if an enterprise lacks its professional proxy infrastructure.


Node.js wins with Database Queries

The database queries for new NoSQL databases like MongoDB, CouchDB are written in JavaScript. Developers need no gear-shifting in remembering the syntax differences when combining Node.js and NoSQL databases. Node.js shines with real-time web apps as the JSON stored data format allows it to function without any hindrances in data conversion and mismatches unlike Ruby on Rails which requires conversion from JSON to binary models.

With so many business benefits, there could hardly be any reason not to consider Node.js in a serious way. And outsource, these reasons attract developers to build amazing web apps with ease and make it a popular runtime environment.

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