Top 7 Reasons To Convert Your HTML Site Into WordPress

WordPress as a web development platform has spread its wings far and wide and over the years it has grown into a full-fledged web development solution. As WordPress is strengthening its grip in the online space, more and more webmasters are realizing its significance and accepting it readily. Today, HTML to wordpress conversion services are one of the most sought after services. Here I have composed a fairly detailed relic to bring forward the most essential reasons as to why you should think no further and promptly HTML to a WordPress services.


Here are the reasons:

1. Dynamism offered by WordPress

As opposed to the static HTML, which lets you build a site burdened by constraints and limited by features, WordPress sites are filled with dynamic features and rich designs. A purely HTML site is less adaptable to the varying needs of today.

2. Getting away with complex Editing Platforms

The complexity involved in HTML sites is not just limited to its adaptability to latest advancements, but a fair amount of complexity is also involved in dealing with editing tools and software’s ( such as Dreamweaver etc. ) which take years to master. Contrary to this, WordPress platform is powered by WYSIWYG editor and you will be surprised to see that even a novice can edit it without many hassles.

3. Scalable CMS for Easier Updating

Today it is very much required from a website to continuously update its content, especially for an eCommerce site where it is vital to add new pages with articles, posts and testimonials. All this becomes seamlessly easy and convenient while using the WordPress platform.


4. Creating a versatile and interactive site with WordPress

The larger the website gets, it becomes more difficult to handle its HTML code. Unlike the HTML code, the WordPress sites are easy to manage and modify.

5. Convenience of adding links

While choosing WordPress as the web design platform, it’s all about user convenience and curbing unforeseen errors. In the WordPress site, the internal links are automatically updated when a post or page is deleted. This is a step ahead to reducing the 404 or page not found errors.

6. Plugins and Extensions to Save Time and Cost

Isn’t it wonderful to take benefits of already created functionalities which you can integrate onto your site without coding for them? WordPress lets you do just the same. Using WordPress you do not need to write code for all the features you wish to add to your site. Chances are that most, if not all features are already coded and made available for use. You can simply integrate them in your site and you are ready.


7. Additional Bonus that follows with WordPress

WordPress offers wonderful themes, add-ons and variety of options. In a matter of few hours you can choose a WordPress theme, integrate it well with social Media plugins, make your site SEO friendly and integrate it with a shopping cart.

These are some inherent benefits that come with the WordPress platform. Convert  HTML site to WordPress with MarkupBox and experience the freshness in your website.

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4 thoughts on “Top 7 Reasons To Convert Your HTML Site Into WordPress

  1. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    This is easily the most straight forward and easy to understand information and details about wordpress.
    Thank you very much for providing such well laid out instructions.

    13th February 2017
  2. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    @Judith Burton Ya wordpress is best option for make a uique and creative website.

    13th February 2017
  3. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Youг home is valueble in my opinion. Thanks!…

    29th April 2015
  4. Avatar for Justin Spencer
    Justin Spencer

    Wordpres is surely a very good option to develop a website because of its simplicity and a wide range of plugins. Thanks for the share Justin..

    16th March 2015

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