7 Popular HTML5 Editors for Web Developers

We all are familiar with the term web development. It is experiencing immense popularity now-a-days. As far as my research is concerned, the growth of this industry took pace from the middle of 90’s. After 10 years we all can see that the number of web developing companies or establishments have come up which provide quality services. I got astonished bearing in mind the records and I know same will happen with you all. From 1,000 companies in the year 1995 the number rose to 30,000 in 2005 in just USA only. The total number around the globe is too much to be analyzed. I think this is because of the extensive use of internet in every sphere of life. The product manufacturers who have leaned towards online advertisement and selling do need good web development services.

HTML5 is one of the widely used languages amongst developers and designers because it provides varied functions and facilities and efficiently assists developers to design useful net applications. There are plenty of reason behind HTML5 being so much popular among web developing establishment. After I worked on HTML5, I experienced a few advantages like; fashionable browser support (like Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 9 etc.), structure specific tags, drag and drop interactive, new video, audio and canvas components, visual components like built in rounded corners area unit. Further contribution in the popularity of HTML5 editors is done by the property integration of ascendable vector graphics content or SVG which is the replacement of the generic HTML5 editor, which is the often thought-about as a tool or a software package that helps developers to modify interactive markup language pages or websites. Though such websites or web content can be built on any other editors out there over web, yet markup language editors have an upper hand over others as they supply additional functionality and work with technologies like CSS, XML and JavaScript. I have gathered a number of the simplest HTML5 editors which are very much functional and enable the designers and developers to alter their designs as per their convenience and working.

Aloha Editor: Aloha Editor is an editor which is developed in JavaScript environment and has a framework based on browser. It is also embedded along with the CMS or content management system. Other frameworks on which the blogs operate are also included in it. The designing process with Aloha Editor is much faster than other HTML5 editors available in the market. It works 25% faster than others by consuming a few steps namely formatting and typing.

Maqetta: Maqetta can be termed as an open source project that provides WYSIWYG visual authoring of the HTML5 interface. This application itself is authored in HTML, and runs on the browser and does not require any additional plugins or downloads. Maqetta is availed under an open source license which is commercial-friendly.

Aptana Studio: Aptana Studio is also an open source development tool for the young and new developers among you. It helps the developer to test their web applications using a single environment only. All the latest browser technologies are supported by Apatna Studio like CSS3, Rails, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP and Python.

Mercury Editor: Mercury is a fully featured HTML5 editor, which is built by following the HTML5 Content Editable features. It supports almost all HTML5 elements syntax and JavaScript APIs. Other features of HTML in its support list are; simple, snippet, markdown, and image regions. An option to preview the edited content and link, images, videos or table insertion is also available. Drag and Drop feature is also included for serving file uploads. File uploads can be accomplished with drag ‘n’ drop.

Rendra: It is an online HTML5 Editor that renders a real time preview of the work you are currently doing and also transforms it into CSS. HAML and SASS are also supported by this editor. I felt ease while working with Rendra on HTML5 and CSS3. The basis of this editor is CoffeeScript and Sinatra.

Blue Griffon: Blue Griffon is a new WYSIWYG content editor for the World Wide Web. There is a rendering engine of Firefox browser present in it. The modern and robust solutions are offered for editing the web pages in order to comply with the latest Web Standards. Being an intuitive application, the beginners find it very convenient to work with.

MacFlux: It can be termed as a commercial application for the systems running on Macintosh. It supports HTML5 along with PHP, Ruby, JSP and a few more languages based on text. I consider it as a creative design environment rather than a simple template based solution.

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