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5 Tips to Create Cross Browser Pixel Perfect Layouts with CSS

When it comes to website designing, HTML is always the dominant player. However, if used alone, the web pages are not going to be the least appealing. This is when we need a tool to make the pages more beautiful and attractive. Enter CSS.

CSS- Cascading Style Sheets is a tool using which you can add and alter colours, background colours/graphics, content style, fonts, size, spacing, layout and every titbit that you can imagine. The biggest advantage of using CSS is it is supported by all the browsers just like HTML.

Before delving into the depths of cross-browser pixel perfect layout, it is important to impart some basics of CSS. A pre-knowledge of HTML/XHTML can make the overall process of understanding it easier.

Why CSS?

The first question that comes to a learner’s mind after having done with HTML is why he should learn CSS. The appropriate reply would be that HTML was designed to make the blocks and CSS to do the beautification part. Though HTML does provide for fonts, background images and similar things, yet CSS does them more elegantly. It keeps the horrors of the website designers at bay. CSS files can also be linked to the HTML files and thus change at one place in the former can affect many pages of the entire site.

Basics of CSS

There are two parts in CSS:

  1. Selector- the element that we want to style
  2. Declaration- the actual styling attributes


CSS can be implemented in the following three ways:

  1. Inline- styles specific to an element are written along with the element in the HTML file
  2. Internal- styles specific to a page’s elements are written in the <head> or <body> block of the HTML file
  3. External – a separate file having an extension of .css is linked to the HTML file.


Tips to create browser pixel perfect layout using CSS

Now, it is apt to describe the various ways and tips to create cross-browser pixel perfect layout using CSS.

  1. Each browser is different. This is why a properly aligned site on one browser may come out in a much-disorganised way. So, define the padding and margin so that your site looks great on all the browsers.
  2. Eliminate all the redundant and unnecessary lines of code.
  3. Every user uses a different browser. Keep a track of each browser that was used to view your website.
  4. Test your site on different browsers. For example, a certain browser may not be displaying your site correctly. Find that out, make changes accordingly.
  5. Understand the box model and make wise use of it.

Furthermore, make use of the different functionalities available with CSS like:

    1. Use proper colour schemes and font colours.
    2. Whether it is English or Urdu, the writing direction can be altered.
    3. Incorporate text direction, alignment, and indentation.
    4. Use heights and spacing


Thus, it is of extreme significance that you know all these so that you can make and design great looking browser-friendly sites for your area of interest.

If you are looking to create cross browser, pixel perfect layouts for your website project, you must hire the services of a professional company. Markupbox provides professional and value for money conversion and theming services for your website.

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