5 reasons: Why Should you Choose Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress provides you plethora of free themes to install on your site. At the time of writing this blog post, there are 1,482 WordPress themes, and the directory grows by another 20-30 every single month.

With so many free WordPress themes available, one thing might be popping in your mind why I would ever pay for a premium theme. That is a good question to ask, but there are in fact a various logical reasons as to why you should choose premium WordPress theme for your site. In this blog post, we will look at five such reasons that force you think of a premium WordPress theme.

Stay Updated- Free Vs Premium WordPress Themes


1. Premium themes offers Quality!

If you choose reputed premium theme shop, you can expect a theme that is superior to free themes. But what does it means in practically? By investing some money, you can expect something unique and efficient. If you want your blog post to stand out from the crowd, a free WordPress theme will be not up to the mark because a massive number of other blogs will already be using same type theme.

Web standards and technologies are changing with the passage of time. Premium themes of WordPress are far more likely to be designed with present standards of web technologies in mind.

Nowadays, people are accessing your website using a variety of devices; therefore, it is important to make sure that it remains functional across multiple platforms. You can purchase premium WordPress themes that are designed specifically with keeping responsiveness in mind.

2. Premium themes offers Functionality!

For those individuals who are not technologically savvy, making even a minor changes to free themes can be an absolute nightmare. Therefore; for making any changes, an intermediate knowledge of CSS, PHP, and HTML is usually required.

Usually, this is not the case with premium themes, which are carefully designed and developed with keeping functionality in mind. Some of the best premium WordPress theme shops package their products with eye-catchy and easy-to-understand user interfaces that allow you to make changes in formatting and design to your website at the click of a button.

3. Premium themes offers Security!

A large proportion of free WordPress themes are in fact packaged with malicious code. Therefore, your website is always at security risk with free themes. You can avoid security issues by downloading themes only from the WordPress Free Themes Directory. Premium themes offers high security because there codes are carefully tested by expert developers.

Stay Informed- WordPress Themes : Current Trends [Infographic]

4. Premium themes offers timely Updates!

Typically, premium themes are updated regularly to keep up with new versions of WordPress. The same can’t be said for free themes. Let’s say you install a free WordPress theme, and spend lots of time tweaking it to your liking. Then a new WordPress version comes out, which the theme is incompatible with. In this case, you have two options:

  1. Don’t upgrade your WordPress website, which can leave your website exposed to various security breaches, and you’ll of course miss out many new features.
  2. Start again with new theme. This of course will take a great deal of time.

Neither option is good for you. You only have to take a quick look around the free themes directory to discover that most of them are out-of-date. And many newer themes will soon be out of date, given the passing of time.

Premium theme developers must keep all of their themes updated– not doing so would result in irreparable damage to their reputation.

5. Premium themes offers complete Support!

When it comes to setting up and customizing themes, you have two options:

  1. You can use a free theme- search for help, ask on forums, and hope someone will be kind enough to assist you
  2. You can buy a premium theme and rely upon support on timely basis from knowledgeable theme developers

No free theme developer has an obligation to help you if you find any problems with the customization or implementation of a theme. On the other side, all premium theme developers offer some sort of support system. And the top theme shops offer stellar support that are practically alone worth the cost of the themes.

Wrapping Up:

If you really love your website and want it to be successful, then you should definitely go for premium themes as they offer functionality, security, support and updates. If you want to get customize WordPress theme, contact MarkupBox which has track record of creating sophisticated and feature rich WordPress themes as per your business needs.


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