5 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring An Expert & Professionals WordPress Developers and Programmers

Website development can be really challenging if the team does not fit completely into the business requirement. The functionalities of a website must be constantly tested rectified for any issues. The WordPress Developer you hire, must have a thorough knowledge of the platform and should be able to make changes and upgradations on the site in a smooth manner. Getting the right set of dedicated WordPress programmer  to work on your project can add great value to it.

How would you hire the right set of WordPress Programmers for your site? Here some questions that you must ask the WordPress developer before having him on-board.


1. How would you Simplify content management on my website?

Managing the content on a WordPress site is usually simple. But, ensure that the website is developed in such a way that the content can be updated and managed in a simplified manner is very important too. Here are some things to know before developing a site that makes content management simpler.

  1. Use Widgets to add content on the home page
  2. The Menus feature in WordPress must be used, for adding menus on the site.
  3. Pages must be structured using the templates feature
  4. The Slidebar feature in WordPress must be used adding footer and slidebar content

2. Would you be using an existing theme or a custom theme to build a WordPress Site?

The idea here is to understand the developer’s ability to differentiate between the options for theming a WordPress site.

A WordPress site can be built using an existing theme, customizing a theme and creating a new theme from the start.

An existing theme is inexpensive from the other options but provides less opportunity to customize the website. The design may also be commonly found on other sites as these themes are picked up by many other companies.

Building your own theme on the other hand has many advantages. It can be customized to specific business requirements and niche. This may cost more but offers options to develop a website with lighter code and one that’s more according to business requirements.

Customizing an existing theme is also an option but has challenges with respect to incorporating updates in the theme.

Try to decipher, whether the developer has clarity with respect to the above options and why would he suggest a particular option for your project.

convert psd to wordpress web design

  3. How would you make the website user-friendly for all devices, including the mobile phone?

The mobile device has become the most used device for reaching out to your target audiences. Creating a mobile version of the site is one of the ways in which a website can be made mobile friendly. The second most common method is to create a responsive site that works well across devices.

4. What would be the basic plugins required while building a WordPress website?

WordPress provides a host of plugins for adding different functionalities to your website. This feature makes it one of the most sought after CMS in today’s times.  Some of the basic plugins that must be installed while creating a website relate to the following:

  1. SEO Plugin
  2. Caching Plugin
  3. Anti-Spam Plugin
  4. Contact Form Plugin

5. What are the basics of hosting a WordPress website?

Here are the points to consider while choosing a hosting solution provider for your business :

  1. The disk space and bandwidth are according to the specific business requirements.
  2. Reliability and quality of the solution provider
  3. Third party access to hosting settings

  4. The geographic location of the host

WordPress is one of the most commonly used CMS for today’s businesses. Hire dedicated WordPress developers and programmer by partnering with an agency like Markupbox. The company provides expert dedicated resources at cost effective prices. MarkupBox is a custom WordPress development company India.

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