11 Web Design Trends In 2018

It’s been 18 years now, we are into the web design trends millennium and which is not a big surprise for us. Nowadays, web designing has become more creative and innovative due to its many technological improvements leaving behind its traditional print for-bearers viz. simple UI, and light-weight graphics. With the changing time, various theme conversions like PSD to WordPress get equipped with new web design trends. In fact, we can see many technical advancements in web design trends that we use today.

As per HubSpot stats, 47% of website visitors check out a company’s products/services page before looking at any other sections of the site. And, 38% of people will stop engaging with a site if the content or layout is unattractive. In fact every year, the online sales market increases by more than 20%. It is expected that it will grow from $2.3 trillion in 2017 to $4 trillion in 2020.

In 2018, web designers are continuously coping up with increasing technical challenges of new web design trends and building sites that are responsive, user-friendly, multiple devices compatible, consistent with the corporate style and just simply amazing all at once. This year is all set to bring innovative web design trends to the business world. In this blog, we will discuss top 11 web design trends which must be considered for businesses in 2018.

Here is the list: New websites design trends

1) New Color schemes

Gone are the days when developers were limited to use web-safe colors only for creating business websites. But this year is exposed to super excess colors online. A large number of designers have become more courageous in their approach to color that includes vibrant shades and supersaturation. This makes headers no more remain horizontal but reimagined with hard angles and slashes.

Improved monitors and screens of the devices due to new technological advances is one of the main reason for producing such richer colors. However, web developers are using more adventurous colors with the help of new web design trends/tools and thus delivering exceptional experiences to its users.

2) Awesome typography

It is one of the most important web design trends which sets a tone on a website while providing major information to its people. It has always been a powerful visual tool that evokes emotion and creates a personality to a website. Since many devices with variable shapes and sizes are getting more sharper resolutions, it becomes necessary for web designers to use custom fonts. In fact, the trend of contrasting sans serif, large letters and serif headings can create dynamic parallels, enhance UX and keep your visitors remain on your website for a long time.

In 2018, web designers are mainly focusing on headers as they involve key SEO elements and provide the information for scanning eyes of its readers. Thus, they take full advantage of this new web design trends for web pages featuring impactful and large headers.

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3) Microinteractions for new web design trends

Microinteractions is one of the major web design trends in 2018 which is actually originated from mobile apps and now moving to the web. The concept of microinteractions is far above than basic animations that can easily deploy onto websites these days. But more user-focused web animations are called as microinteractions.

They work as animated responses to user behaviors. Therefore, if someone clicks on a button or scrolls to animate a drop-down menu, the microinteraction will respond accordingly in a realistic manner. This takes the form of bounce effects, changes in 3D / depth of the page and a lot of unique fading effects to show and hide elements of the page. Moreover, Javascript and CSS3 both provide control over microinteractions.

4) Broken and asymmetric grid layouts

This web design trend was first introduced in 2017 and still be going to strong in 2018. It is due to the distinctive, experimental and unique appeal of the asymmetrical grid layouts. It is an exceptional trend for bigger brands who are always ready for taking risks in implementing new trends and think out-of-the-box for innovative web design trends ideas. However, traditional companies might not take interest in employing this trend to their website.

Moreover, big brands can create unique experiences by using this trend in order to set themselves apart in this modern competitive world.

5) Advanced web theming: website trends for 2018

The theme conversions whether it is PSD to HTML conversion or convert PSD to WordPress, are being in the web industry for a long time. Due to many new technological advancements in last few years, the theme conversion has taken its steps to new web arena. PSD to WordPress using Bootstrap gives multiple business benefits to businesses. It is one the new web design trends for businesses in 2018 as it comes with following benefits:
– Fast development speed
– Easily customizable
– Mobile first
– Consistent
– Great grid system
– Regular updates
– Compatible
– Great support

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6) 3D Buttons

We have ghost buttons and flat buttons around us for a few years and both of these buttons are nicely working with Google’s material design language. In 2018, one new button has emerged i.e. 3D buttons web design trends which provide true accessibility. 3D button’s bottom border is darker than the main button color so it appears like the button is raised off the page. Also, when you click the 3D button, the whole button sinks down.

3D buttons are used today because they encourage more interactivity from users. In fact, you should use right kind of layout to get this working in a right way. It is the best alternative to the flat button web design trend sweeping through the design world.

7) Mobile first websites

With various techniques like PSD to the responsive WP theme, mobile-friendly websites, responsive web design trends, Google is all set to give its first priority to mobile first sites when it comes to indexing. It is because there is a great prioritization of the mobile experience in 2018. Thus, sites will no longer be now ranked on desktop experience only.

Mobile user experience has surpassed the traditional web user experience among new web design trends. New mobile-first initiatives, tools, and techniques are making their way towards you. So, you can now expect to see an increasing number of websites that will rely on SVGs(replacing JPGs or PNGs) as well as websites going through Google AMP.

8) Effective illustrations

Illustrations are great and provide versatile ways to create fun, friendly images and add an element of fun to a site. Experienced artists can make illustrations full of personality and adapted to the tone of a brand, which all brands struggle in the markets that fill each year more.

Since this trend is perfect for companies that are fun and energetic, it can help make brands that are perceived as serious and appropriate brains more accessible to their customers. Whatever your brand identity, there is likely to be an illustration style that matches it.

9) “Featured In” Badges

This web design trend is often found on sales-y landing pages and corporate websites. Badges often play in the social test where it shows what other blogs and magazines have to say about your website. Obviously, you want to show the best reviews and coverage, but if you create great things, this should not be too difficult. It shows the major information to your visitors what your site about.

Moreover, “Used by” badge is an alternative to this trend. Once again, these are just great brand logos to show people that your organization is good. But instead of adding badges of news coverage, you can also add badges from the major companies that use your product.

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10) AI into web designing

Nowadays, the theming conversions like PSD to WordPress, PSD to HTML, HTML to Bootstrap conversion etc. have combined with AI in this web designing world. In fact, with the introduction of Artificial intelligence into web design, it has made many technological advancements to it. Conversational interfaces like chatbots and ANI(Artificial narrow intelligence) is powering various voice assistants like Apple’s Siri and Google Home. In fact, AI and machine learning will go to be introduced in many systems that we interact in next couple of years.

In the same way, web design will adapt to this new trend accordingly. The design will work to make AI natural and invisible. In fact, there would a great number of designs which will demonstrate greater intelligence and not just AI.

11) Dynamic gradients– latest trends in web designing

Before this trend, flat design was the much-preferred web design trend over dimensional colors. However, we also had gradients but they were mainly seen in the form of subtle shading to represent 3D. The great example of this is Apple’s iOS icons.

In 2018, dynamic gradients have made a big comeback. Now, the gradients are big, strong and full of colors. The most popular recent research is the gradient filter over photos which provide an excellent way to make a less interesting picture look intriguing. A simple gradient background can also be the perfect solution to fashion if you do not have other images to work with.

Bottom line:

So we have seen the top 11 web design trends in 2018. And, the best thing about web design trends is that it is a thing of constant evolution. While each of the 2018 web design trends will require a slight reconfiguration of the way you design WordPress sites, they should not require you to learn a completely new technique. All you need is to look differently at a design and rewire your brain accordingly.

If you are seeking for new web design themes for your web development project this year then you are at the right place. At MarkupBox, we have a proficient team of frontend developers who have successfully delivered more than 7200 projects to 6000+ customers in last 12 years. They are providing CMS and e-commerce theming services viz. PSD to WordPress, PSD to HTML, PSD to Shopify etc. for your development projects. Feel free to Contact Us anytime!

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