10 Tips for Fast and Hassle-Free Markup Outsourcing

It’s not hard to make markup outsourcing work wonders for your business. You need to make sure your design files are organized carefully and arranged to where it won’t be hard for you to keep your data under control.

With years of experience in Markup services, MarkupBox.com have been able to standardize the processes to deliver the best results to our clients.

Here’s a look at a few tips you can use to make the outsourcing practice work for you. Be sure to use these and get them ready before you first get in touch with your markup outsourcing group so you will have a carefully organized plan over how you are going to get a particular project completed the right way.

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TIP #1 – Write Specification


Start by taking a look at the specifics you are using. Write down specifications with regards to the modifications that you want to make in the outsourcing process and how you want your design files to look their best. Be as direct as possible so there will be no confusion over how well your data is being organized and arranged.

TIP #2 – If you are not sure, then don’t order!


Be careful when thinking about what you do and don’t want to get marked up. You have to be careful as the outsourcing process might be overly complicated. Specifically, you can always write down specifics over how much you want to get down and what tasks you demand out of each individual feature. This can help you out quite well with getting what you have organized during your order.

TIP #3 – Describe Links

Be ready to give examples over what you are trying to discuss. Talk about the types of links you want to use and explain the text links, buttons and other features you want to add. Giving out examples will make it easier for your outsourcing provider to understand what you want to get out of your setup.

Outsource Your Markup Services


TIP #4 – Provide Fonts

Think about the fonts you want to use. See if you have any custom fonts that you want to use and send whatever you have to your outsourcing provider beforehand. This is to let your provider understand what you want to use to create a good setup for your program.

TIP #5 – Specify Icons


The icons you want to use can make a real difference in terms of creating a good appearance. Always send the icons you want to use to the outsourcing provider so you will get that provider to take care of your graphic features.

TIP #6 – Breakpoints


Breakpoints typically refer to the spots where you want to divide up your content onto different parts of a page. Your breakpoints must be organized to where they are clearly labeled and listed with care. Specifically, you must list breakpoints based on how your content will be organized when being viewed on mobile devices. Be certain that you are specific on how your breakpoints will be listed so it will all be as easy to figure out and review as possible.

TIP #7 – Choosing Right Format


Choose the right formats for saving your files. The PSD format is the best option to stick with. While the PNG or JPG formats are easy to use and can be handled by many outsourcing providers, you might want to make sure the PSD format is used first. This is to ensure that outsourcing provider doesn’t have to convert your files to the PSD format as this is typically the one format that most service providers will choose to use above all else.

TIP #8 – Keep In Touch

Always stick with your outsourcing provider during the entire process of getting your setup ready. Make sure you keep in touch so you can get regular updates on your project and for cases where you need to make some sudden changes on the fly.

TIP #9 – Retina Display

Think about the sizes of your fonts for your retina displays. While different fonts can be easy to read, they will need to be reviewed carefully based on the overall size of a display. The smaller font sizes are clearly best for the smaller mobile screens, for instance. Be careful when making this work so you will have an easier time with getting your setups running.

TIP #10 – Quick Delivery

Be careful with your demands for getting the project completed in as little time as possible. Be sure you ask for a per-page delivery setup if you have enough time. You don’t have to stick with this if you are trying to get things done as quickly as possible. Simply put, if you only have a limited amount of time then just ask to get the entire project sent out at the same time. The QA can be done at the same time as the coding process if you choose to get everything sent out at once instead of just waiting for things to come out on a progressive basis. Make sure you prepare this the right way so it won’t be too tough to make it work.

Outsource Your Markup Services


Be sure that you watch for how you’re getting your setup going so it will be easier for your outsourcing plans to be used right. You must make sure when getting your markup outsourcing campaign running so you’ll have a rather easy time with getting your setups ready and as carefully organized as possible so it will not be too complicated for you to get your running the right way.

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