10 Quick Step For Creating Amazing Email Newsletters

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Coming up with an impressive design and concept for the email newsletters is an inevitable peril for the business houses. They are immensely important for the organization, no doubt, but it is often difficult to come up with a design that would ascertain high level of customer involvement and participation and will draw in a better response from the same.

In this blog post, we shall discuss the 10 steps to develop amazing email newsletters, the kinds that would not only be fully functional, but will also attract more customers and help the businesses to generate more leads.

1. Regard their time and attention

As they say, well begun is half done. Thus, when it comes to creating effective email newsletters, begin with a short, concise and precise way. Do not play with the attention span of the users, by giving them unnecessary details – or telling them something they already know or has no interest in knowing.

Users will simply disregard your email, if you decide to disregard their time. If you do not talk business from the very beginning, you better not develop the newsletter at all, at the first place.

2. Remind them that they have subscribed to your email newsletter

It is always an intelligent step to include an introduction section and provide them a quick preview of the fact that they have subscribed for your email newsletter. Mostly, users may just forget that they have subscribed to your email newsletters and after receiving the same, they may wonder “what on earth is this email doing in my in-box?”

3. Contain only the relevant information

It may be tempting to include all the details and list out all the features of your business in the newsletter. But, calm down! The best practice is to just tell the relevant information, about the current deal or discount that you are talking about and spare them the rest of the details.

Their in-box is already a loud and messy place, thus please, do not bombard them with loads of information.

4. Make a purposeful design

Designing of the email newsletters should be nothing less than designing the website. As your website must have a purpose and the entire content should appeal to the target customers, you must follow the same approach with the your email newsletter. Design the entire newsletter on a specific purpose and theme, and surely the same will prove out to be more successful and yielding than the random and unplanned newsletters.

5. Use Inline CSS

While designing the email newsletter, it is a better practice to use the inline CSS. Most of the email service providers, especially Gmail etc., chops off the entire CSS part, both from the header and the body, but when you use Inline CSS for the development of the newsletter, it has a better chance to survival.


6. Do not take for granted that the images will be displayed

A lot of users have their own anti virus systems and other security features, which do not display the images in the newsletter. They would have to specifically allow the email service to display the mail including all the images. Thus do not use images for important features like the headings and crucial content. Try using the other type of content – text etc, to make the newsletters attractive and impressive, and do not solely depends on the images to do the same.

7. Provide the plain text of the email as well

An extension to the above point, you must also allow the users to view the email in plain text. They find it easier this way to concentrate on the content without any pomp and show. From the business point of view, especially in a Business to Business communication, a plain text email appears much more meaningful and conducive.

8. Allow them to unsubscribe

Yes, you read it right. As a business owner, you may be tempted to hide away the unsubscribe, as much as possible, but honestly, what is the point of sending out the emails to those who are really not interested in reading to them?

By allowing them to unsubscribe, and making the same clearly visible in the newsletter, you send out the message to the users that they must read the newsletter only for their own benefits, and that it is going to be mutually beneficial, and if they wish to discontinue reading, they are free to leave.

9. Test everything, because you cannot retrace it

Once the email newsletter is gone, its gone! Thus double check that everything is right with the newsletter, that they are fully functional and perfect.

10. Follow the law

Make sure that the emails that you are sending are legitimate and lawful. Besides, you must also consider the law of the particular states and countries in which your newsletters would be sent. An unlawful email newsletter may prove out to be really disastrous for your business.

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Enjoyed the post? Then you’ll surely love getting our regular blog updates, too. Subscribe now! Or go ahead and have a word with our PSD to Magento experts for personalized assistance.

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