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8 November

From Mobile to Web: Instagram Users Rejoice

WRITTEN BY Justin Spencer
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Instagram, a photo-sharing app that’s as addictive as Twitter and Facebook (its owner), has started rolling out web profiles of all its users. Instagram gave this treat to users through its blog: “You’ve asked for Instagram on the web and we’ve listened.” Yes, you can now view and edit your Instagram profile through your desktop/laptop as well by merely adding your username to, for example,

Instagram, which has decided to rise above mobile, currently has as many as 100 million registered users. With this move, however, that count is expected to increase by leaps and bounds.

What all you can do with Instagram on the web (and what you can’t)?

Instagram on the web enables you to like and comment on photos and to edit your profile. Now it won’t be much of a fret to share content, find new users and follow them. And don’t even get disturbed by the thought of that web-ad connection which feeds your web profile and often irritates you – Instagram web profiles don’t show any ads (yet).

Unfortunately, you can’t currently upload the photos from the web – there’s a possibility of this fuctionality being added to web profiles soon, though. But instead of getting sad over this, let’s enjoy what all we’ve got! And if you’re one of those who’re not yet able to see their Instagram web profile, then “rest assured that you’ll see it in the next few days,” promises Instagram on its blog.

Bottom line

No wonder Instagram will become more ubiquitous (and more exciting) in the coming time. Let’s wait with bated breath what Instagram has next to unfold and how it makes Instagramming on the web a more beautiful experience.

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