HTML5- 10 Most Important Features and Advantages

The new HTML5 release has got many unique syntactical functionality including video, audio, canvas elements as well as the feature to integrate the SVG content. Previously, it was not very easy for the developers to integrate the multimedia files as well as graphical contents to the web sites without using flash or other external plug-ins. The introduction of HTML5 has brought in revolutionary changes in the web designing arena and now it has gained very high popularity. There are also many other new elements in HTML5 as the section, article, nav, header etc., which help in enriching the semantic value of the documents.

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HTML5 Advantages

The 10 Most Advantageous Features of HTML5

1. Mutuality: The needs for web developers are increasing day by day as the web sites are getting more and more interactive and functional. New age websites have animations, video streaming, music, and integration of social networking applications like Facebook and LinkedIn etc. Until the introduction of HTML5, the developers were taking help of Flash, Flex, Silverlight, or JavaScript to create such utilities. But all these tools were very time consuming and also there was a lot of complexity in developing. Now with the use of HTML5, things have changed and it is easy to embed audio, video, animation, graphic and many other interactive contents to the website without the use of third-party plugins.

2. Improved Semantics: HTML5 has made it easy to differentiate the parts of the web page as headers, footers, nav, aside etc. The tags are made specific for all these functionality and exactly named with what they meant to execute. By making use of the HTML5 elements, you can enhance the semantic value of web pages and codes and this has brought in more standardization in the designing process.

3. Cleaner markup: HTML5 enables the designers to make use of a cleaner code. One can remove most of the div tags from the code and replace it with the semantic HTML elements. This in turn will provide an improved code for easy usage and updating.

4. Exquisite forms: HTML5 offers the designers to use more elegant forms in the sites. Even if it is making form validation native to HTML, the need for JavaScript is very limited, which may be used only for the browsers not supporting the newer form types. Also the user interface enhancement can be done with HTML5 in the most desired manner. There are also options of different types of text inputs and search fields.

5. Enhanced Accessibility: The usage of advanced technology in turn enhanced the features and functionality of the web sites with HTML5, which made it more accessible and multi-platform compatible. The designers can have a comprehensive understanding of the structure of a web page by just taking a look at the HTML5 elements in the code.

6. Consistency: You can see an improved consistently level in terms of the HTML codes of the pages of one site when compared to another by making use of the HTML5 elements. As there is a universal consistency among web pages, it makes easier for the designers to quickly understand how a page is being structured, which can save a lot of time and effort for them.

7. Offline Caching: Most of the web browsers make use of online caching. But, being offline, if you click the back button of your browser in an attempt to see the previous web page that was opened in the browser, it may not work without getting reconnected to the internet. However, HTML5 is now offering a better and smarter solution to offline browsing. While developing the website, there are options for the designers to specify the files and pages, which the browser needs to cache. So, even when the offline browsers try to refresh the page without being connected to internet, the page can get loaded perfectly. Offline caching offer many advantages during internet browsing in terms of reducing the load on server as well as facilitating offline browsing.

8. Fulfilling customized needs of Web applications: A large number of innovative features and several global standards have been emerged as a part of HTML5 release. All the modern browsers have made these features available so you can directly make use of it while developing web sites. The major objective of HTML5 is to develop applications with user-friendly interfaces, drag and drop tools, message boards, and discussion centers as well as other similar utilities.

9. Geolocation support: Geolocation features are the most sought after tools with which you can specifically share information to people based on the geographical specifics. There are different methods for geolocation as tracing the IP address, wireless network connections, phone tower tracking, or the use of GPS satellite systems. Now with new HTML5 geolocation APIs make the geolocation generated by GPS or other such methods, directly accessible by any HTML5 compatible browser applications.

10. Client-side database: Cookies are being used for years to track the user details, but this has many drawbacks too. One of the major disadvantages of this mode is that the cookie data is directly getting added to all HTTP request headers. This can have an adverse impact on the response time. With HTML5 now, the task of using the localStorage and sessionStorage instead of cookies can be done more effectively without affecting the response time. This enables you to store the structured data temporarily.

Above mentioned is just an overview of the 10 most advantageous features, but in real, there are many other unique benefits of HTML5.

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Fernando Castillo
Fernando Castillo

Anhanced accesibility and Geolocation support are the most important features out of the above stated.

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